WorkReadyNH's Best Interview Tips

Tips from area employers!

Interesting in buffing up your interviewing skills? WorkReadyNH offered at all three of River Valley Community College’s campuses in Claremont, Lebanon, and Keene can help you do just that. In a fun, educational, and tuition-free environment, you can develop the skills to make you a more desirable candidate.  

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WorkReadyNH is a program that was established in October 2011 by a grant funded by the New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development. Offering students the opportunity to upgrade their soft skills including communication, problem solving, team building, and conflict resolution. In addition to the soft skills that employers require, WorkReadyNH offers students the chance to revise their resumes and practice interviewing tactics.

Here are interviewing tips from area employers:

·         Prepare Your Answers

Enhance your answers by using data, numbers, and results that you accomplished in your previous experience. This will show that you’ve had results in the past and give them a taste to what they can expect from hiring you.

·         Research the Company

Don’t forget to research the company before going to the interview to know what the company’s goals and mission is.

·         Read the Job Description

Know the company is really looking for and how you’ve done this in your past professional experience. Match your skill set to the job description. Prepare stories from your past that are relevant to the role that you are interviewing for.

·         The 30-2

The best impression comes from speaking for between 30 seconds and two minutes at a time in an interview. Don’t ramble and make sure you are answering the question. Stop and ask for clarification if you need to.

·         Know Where You are Going

Use Google Maps, take a drive there before the actual interview to know how long it will take to arrive. Consider traffic and live a little early to arrive on time. Call ahead to find how who you are meeting with and where you need to go within the business.

This is just a taste of the skills that will be learned during a WorkReadyNH course! To find out more about this program, please reach out to: Program Director, Martha Mott at

How: Sign up at call 603-542-7744 ext 5485

Need more info?: Go to,Facebook WorkReadyNH or contact Program Director, Martha Mott at


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