Local radio ads tell us not to "make the goat angry." But my hot sauce tasting experience was one of utter delight!

Naked: The Undressed Burrito...

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Dave Celone

...Undressed No More by the Angry Goat Itself!

What's worse than a naked burrito? Well, a burrito without a wake-up call to your palate. That is, no warmth, no zeal, no "I want come back for another bite soon" taste to it.

The naked burrito, waiting to be dressed.

I thought I'd tried them all. National brands with smiling guys wearing wide sombreros.  Or locally-made powerhouses that made my mouth scream and taste buds wither beneath so many scovil heat units I couldn't enjoy whatever was underneath. I'm talking about hot sauces, to top off my burritos, that is. To dress them as one dresses a good salad. I've tried about as many varieties of hot sauces as there are stars in the sky, which is an apt comparison given that stars are large, burning masses of flame. Yet, there was always something lacking. Too hot. Not hot enough. Too much vinegar. Sauces that just didn't complement the food for which they were masquerading as tasty toppings. All were lacking until just last week when I finally found a sauce I could enjoy and savor from first bite to last. Here's what I learned...

Remember this label. A red armadillo ready to please the palate!

I stopped in to see what Angry Goat Pepper Company in White River Junction was all about. It's in a totally unassuming, low warehouse building—unusual given it's fiery and flavorful contents—at 240 South Main Street in White River Junction. I really wasn't even sure it was the right place because so many contractors' trucks were parked out in front making seeing it a challenge. Find the construction project on South Main and across the street you'll find the Angry Goat. Just up a short flight of stairs, I found myself in a room surrounded by what appeared to me to be hundreds of different varieties of hot sauces all there for the tasting. Thankfully, co-owner Jason Parker was there just as I was trying to figure out what to try. I asked him to suggest a sauce, which he did after inquiring about my tastes. His suggestion? The Red Armadillo Hot Sauce, one of his own Angry Goat creations. He also recommended another, hotter one, also of his creation.  

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I put the hotter one on a cracker first and tasted. It was good, but not as hot as I had expected. I tried the Red Armadillo. It's red in the clear glass bottle, maybe even leaning toward just a hit of pink. I doused a cracker and let waves of a warm sweetness spread across my palate. It was delightful. Then, as I swallowed, the warmth trickled down my throat to let me know that, yes, there were certainly some chili peppers in there.  

I should've guessed. Pure VT maple syrup combines with other ingredients to create flavor that can't be beat!

What's the secret to this sauce? I'm guessing it's the fusion of Southwestern red chile peppers combined with good-old-fashioned pure Vermont maple syrup. If you haven't found the Angry Goat yet, seek it out. And talk with Jason about your preferences in taste and foods. He'll set you up for a whole new experience of a lifetime.

Angry Goat also makes pepper jams to complement its line of hot sauces. I gather it also sells dozens of other hot sauce products, so the choices when you walk in are dizzying. I'm glad Jason was there to help me navigate all the bottles on his shelves. It's a veritable hot sauce lovers heaven at Angry Goat. But, I'll say this, the Red Armadillo Hot Sauce is better than heaven on the tongue. Bravo Jason for helping me find a whole new gustatory experience. Now my burritos can be fully dressed and never again be ashamed to be savored with great gusto!

The well-dressed burrito. Note the Red Armadillo sauce applied with a decorator's flair for the extraordinary!

"Delicious" is the only word I can use to describe what Angry Goat is doing just down on South Main Street, a block away from main drag in River City, VT.  Check it out when you can.


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