Norwich Fair Parade

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Dan Fraser

Thanks to the generous support of Norwich residents, the long-awaited return of The Norwich Fair Parade will happen again this year! 

Originally, the parade – like the fair – was a homecoming for anyone and everyone who grew up in Norwich. When the addition was built on the Marion Cross School, the septic system prevented the large heavy rides from being placed on top of the system on the school green, and the fair was moved to the Route 5 site for many years. Things worked okay at that location, but it wasn’t the same. 

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In the meantime, Olde Home Day was established in September and a parade was part of that celebration. However, with both the fair and Olde Home Day in the same season, Norwich couldn’t support both, so Olde Home day didn’t last long.

The Norwich Fair has since returned to the green – it is smaller, with fewer rides, fewer games, and is much more oriented toward young families. It isn’t the homecoming draw for former Norwich residents that it once was, but hopefully the return of the parade will strengthen the role the fair plays in the community.  

Back in its heyday, the parade boasted many, many floats, politicians, teams of oxen, horses, clowns, jugglers – you name it. It was large and successful... about an hour long and the kids lined the streets eager to catch the candy that was thrown out.

Here we are in 2017, ready to give it another shot. Rarely do towns have the opportunity to revive traditions that have been lost. In this case, we were given a second chance, thanks to the generosity of many residents.

Let’s make sure we keep this tradition, the fair itself, the Norwich Pageant, and other traditions that make Norwich special going strong. Please get involved in the parade – enter a float, support and attend. We can make it better than ever, but only with your help.

Thank you for keeping it local! 

~ Dan Fraser


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