Where to Find the Perfect Summer Read for Your Child(ren)

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Brad Choyt
People often ask where to find summer books for their children. I believe a great place to start is by letting your child browse the stacks in your local town library or school. This will not only provide a genuine sense of autonomy for his or her learning, it will also deepen interests through exploring new subjects. Librarians can act as personal guides in a process of making reading discoveries and are also great resources for recommendations along the way.  
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Of course, if you are traveling or prefer to purchase books online, there is an even wider selection to choose from--one that can easily feel overwhelming at first. But fortunately, there’s a great resource for classic children’s and young adult books organized by grade level by the NEH that you can find here. Try scrolling through a few titles with your son or daughter and see what might pique an interest. With so many great choices out there, you can’t go wrong!


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