Meth Bust next to State Office Building in WRJ

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New Hampshire couple facing possession charges

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - A tip from a passerby about what appeared to be drug use taking place inside a car parked a few yards from the Probation & Parole offices in the state office building which sits right beside the Connecticut River on Prospect Street led to a large police response Tuesday morning.

Harford Police Office Dan Solomita (left) holds up the baggie police believe contained meth

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    Following a search that involved a police canine from neighboring Lebanon, Hartford Police officers issued citations to a New Hampshire couple, whose names were not immediately released, ordering them to appear in court at a future date to answer charges of possession of meth.

    The couple insisted that the substance police found crushed up in a small plastic baggie in the car was a "fake drug" mixture that they said had been made from rock salt, rice and Tic-Tacs.

Hartford Police Sgt. Jay Pedro removes the baggie and hypodermic needles from the car

    Hartford officers, who also found four hypodermic needles as they worked their way through a voluminous amount of clothing and bags inside the small white Chevy, said that when a sample of the substance was shaken up inside a narcotics field test kit it turned blue, indicating at least a trace amount of meth was present.

Another needle removed from the trunk area of the car

Lebanon Senior Police Officer Jeremy Perkins looks over the suspicious baggie

Officer Solomita puts a small sample of the powder into the field test kit

The liquid in the test kit turned dark blue which police say is an indicator meth is present

    The male suspect, who told officers he is currently on parole in New Hampshire, insisted the vehicle and the items in it belonged to a cousin of his who he suggested was responsible for having made the supposedly fake drug sample.

Police looked for needle "tracks" and searched the parolee's shoes and clothing before releasing the couple from "investigative detention"

Officer Perkins and Lebanon Police Canine "Max," a Belgian Malinois that was imported from Holland, helped search.

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