Startup Life: Meet Fuller, Who Stopped Coming to the Office

This may be the happiest Fuller Henriques has ever looked.

At first Fuller Henriques, who grew up in Lyme, worked out of our office in White River Junction. I remember this because he once crushed me at ping pong, and a defeat like that lives forever in your memory. But he hasn’t been around much lately, so I thought I’d investigate. To be polite, I started with ...

What did you do for work before joining DailyUV?

School mostly. I graduated from Bates College with a degree in Environmental Science in 2015. That summer and fall I worked at Tuck Business School in the Executive Education department managing their Executive Residence Building (basically a private hotel for the school) and then I landed at DailyUV.

Environmental Studies degree recipient obviously goes to work at a business school managing a hotel to prepare them to build a local first website.

As you can see, I have my life pretty clearly (and expertly) mapped out.

And what is your role here?

Like most of the DailyUV team I wear a few hats. I get to work with all the great DailyUV bloggers, provide customer support (click that blue question mark in the bottom right on the site to say hi!), and track website metrics. That involves putting together reports on how DailyUV readers are using the site and what I think it means.

And most importantly I am the DailyUV authority on artisan sandwiches.

One thing I’ve noticed is that you hardly ever show up in the office anymore. Your desk has cobwebs! How do you still have a job?

Clearly my coworkers Ben cough, cough ... and Aileen cough, cough ... are skimping on their dusting duties again.

My move down to Washington, D.C., seems to have had a crippling impact on the office. I still show up for work every day, trust me. I just work from a new home.

Oh right! You’re that guy who’s always posting great emojis in our Slack channel!

I have to stay relevant somehow!

Maybe you should explain what Slack is and how we use it.

Slack is the best. Slack is a communication tool that we use at DailyUV. We can send instant messages (or emojis!) to anyone or everyone wherever they are. Which is very important because half of the DailyUV team is scattered across the U.S. and Canada.

Imagine you are at a family Thanksgiving gathering. Lots of people and lots of conversations but you can only talk to the few people around you. Slack would solve all of your problems! You could direct message your aunt to pass the mashed potatoes from the far side of the table, you and your siblings could get a message in the #parents channel telling you to clear the dishes, the football fans could send group messages about with updates, and the #in-laws could  console each other.

Slack turns work into a virtual family gathering. The difference is you don’t have to do dishes after using Slack.

What’s the best thing about working remotely? Do you ever miss working in the office?

Definitely the commute, or lack thereof. I can spend more time (before and after working hours of course) honing my artisan sandwich and emoji skills. But it can get lonely.

It sounds like website metrics are a big part of your job. Numbers can be so confusing! In closing, if you could explain the difference between KFC and KPI, I’d appreciate it.

KFC is a food chain that specializes in fried chicken. KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator. KPIs are what we use to determine if a feature, or the website, is working for users the way we want it to.

If we are testing a new ad format for advertisers, the click rate on the ad is a KPI. We need to know if the new ad format had a positive, negative, or no effect. We can then decide if the new format is delivering better results for advertisers.

We also use KPIs to measure as a whole. Users generating content like Market listings, Events in the calendar, etc. is very important to us. If content generation falls we need to figure out why ASAP so we can fix the problem. If this metric jumps up we need to figure out why so we can do more of whatever we did.

Basically you would use your personal KPIs (hunger level, desire for fried chicken, love for all things Kentucky) to determine if you were to go to KFC.

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