Organic purple, green and lacinato kale in Lebanon, Hanover, White River Co-op Food Stores now!

What to do with all that local kale?

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Hannah Brilling

video, recipe, wash & de-stem instructions

Although the sunshine has finally brought us long-awaited Edgewater strawberries, most local produce this time of year is leafy green.

Kale’s hay-day might be dwindling, but it remains a very healthy food and one that thrives in our region- both at the beginning and end of the growing season. In stores right now we have local organic green, purple, and lacinato kale from Killdeer farm (at Hanover, Lebanon, and White River stores).

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If you, like me, would need some fresh ideas for using this super-food, check out the recipe for mediterranean kale sauté, as seen in the video above.

If you’re a kale beginner (or just need a de-stemming refresh) we have also included a video breaking it down for you (literally!). 

Remember to always wash local produce well (also included in the video) before eating: It comes from local dirt, which has wonderful health benefits, but a less-than-stellar mouth-feel.


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