5 Ways to Tackle The Mid-Twenties Crisis

30, scarier than any Stephen King novel

I am saying farewell to my early twenties.  Thirty is rapidly approaching with headlights on full blast. Every day my body reminds me with a new ache or pain. When I was 15, I thought by the time I was staring twenty-six in the face, I would be living the Sex in the City lifestyle. A high power career that I’d never have to go to, lots of wicked successful boyfriends, and of course, the enormous closet full of fashion. Although, I eat Raman noodles far more often than I’d imagined and I still have a bad case of debilitating indecision, I have figured out a few things. Here is the top 5 ways to tackle the mid-twenties crisis.

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Let go of ego

Being smug never wins any friends. I get it, you graduated college with a 4.0 and can figure out how many reds are located in a single bag of skittles without opening it but to quote Shania Twain, that don’t impress me much. And, it won’t impress your new employee or your new partner. What impresses people is being humble and honest. Let go of the ego, it is a false claim to confidence. You’ll feel more connected to your peers when you do, because they will start seeing you as a co-human.

Stop comparing yourself to your friends

It’s wicked hard, man. All my gal pals are either married, engaged, in exciting professional fields, or have a dozen children running around. Last Saturday, my cat and I binged watched Orange is The New Black and ate a burrito the size of a mini cooper. It’s about redefining success. The grass is not always greener, my friends with children wish they have fifteen minutes to watch whatever they want and eat a meal alone. Not all paths are the same, but they are equal.

Travel, a lot

Traveling makes you a better human by opening your eyes to new experiences. The food, the sights, the fatigue, it is all part of what makes traveling exciting. Now is the time! When you are in your mid-twenties, you have the income of working fulltime without the financial responsibilities of children. Traveling ties into letting go of your ego, because no one has an ego using an overcrowded smelly airport bathroom. It keeps you grounded.

You don’t have to have it all figured out

This is the crucial piece of advice for navigating the quarter-life crisis. If you are going to read one thing from this article, this is it! You have arrived!  It is more than okay to not have it figured out. People who are 90 don’t have their shit together either. It is a conspiracy, no one does, but they all pretend they do. Fake it till you make it? Every day is a new journey, make the choices that feel right today. Eat the cake, quit your job, go to Spain.

Don’t take it all so serious

Laugh a lot. It is only your quarter-life crisis, you are going to have at least two more in your life, one of which you’ll likely buy a sports car or get a boob job. Many people wish they were in their mid-twenties. Your current career is not your identity, you create your future. If you take everything so seriously, you will get wrinkles.

I recently heard the saying, not my circus, not my monkeys. I've never had a mantra before, but now I do. Keep that in mind when you have anything that's borderline too serious. 

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