GO & DO: "Tree Hugger" Yoga Hike

Head into the woods for a mediatative yoga experience

Time to get outside and take your practice to another level!  Yoga outdoors is one of THE BEST ways to combine the health benefits of yoga and nature in one. 

This Sunday June 25th from 2-4pm why not try a "Tree Hugger Trek "- a Yoga Hike with Miss Amanda of Inner Lift Yoga in Barnard, VT. 

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On this special yoga hike you'll trek through Balch Hill Natural Area in Hanover, NH and visit some of the amazing trees that are part of this preserve, including a champion Red Oak made famous by its sheer size and staying power.  Miss Amanda incorporates trees, mossy logs, and rock faces to deepen your yoga practice and open your hearts to the natural world.  Finish with a sweet relaxation on the high meadow, where you'll enjoy the sweeping views of downtown Hanover and beyond.  Off the beaten path, these lush woods are perfect weekend retreat to provide a meditative experience for all levels.   

Miss Amanda is one of my all time favorite (and most knowledgeable) yoga instructors and if you've never tried a yoga hike, or never even tried yoga, this is for you! Her yoga hikes are perfect for anyone, expereincdor not, and you can work at your own level to deepen, or just start, your yoga practice.

Yoga Instructor Miss Amanda says. "Balch Hill is like a play land for yogis who like to spend time with trees.  On my hikes, I like to take the time for us to touch the trees and spend a few moments feeling the texture of the bark and moss.  This spot has some fallen giants whose logs provide us support to open the hips, stretch the legs, and open shoulders and heart.  It's often hard for me to find trails with enough log-space for several students to line up and do yoga together, but there are plenty of spots here!  Even though the trails are fairly easy, having only a few short uphill parts, I find that the massive trees make this trail one of the more exceptional spots in the Upper Valley for a Yoga Hike. "

lContact Miss Amanda at Inner Lift to register 


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