Need a Summer Program for Your Child(ren)? There’s Still Time

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Brad Choyt
If you're like me, the last day of school arrives along with the realization that children will need something fun and hopefully rewarding to do over the next month or two. After their prerequisite days of hanging out at home and perhaps spending too much time on a screen, most children will want to see other kids or try a new activity.And even if they don't, we know these kinds of activities are good for both their bodies and their brains.

While many camps fill up well in advance, fortunately there are a few programs in the Upper Valley that still have space and can provide a great environment for our long summer days. 

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But what should parents look for as they choose one program over another?Obviously, having a dependable and safe program that fits within a family budget is essential.Therefore, organizations with solid reputations earned through years with strong track records are a good place to start. Next, choosing programs with the right themes and emphases is essential if you want happy children at drop off and after pick up. Will your son or daughter enjoy the range of activities and learning the new set of skills offered in a particular program? Finally, given that we live in the Upper Valley with our snowy winters and long mud seasons, I believe that children should spend as much time outside in the summer as possible. Programs that involve sports or hiking and build an appreciation for the outdoors while offering other challenges are usually a great choice. 

Of course, it's hard to find a program that seems right on paper for everyone.But summer is also a great time to try different activities and discover new interests, even if the choice might be outside of one's comfort zone at first. Keep in mind organizations that offer some combination of the above have the potential to transform kids and allow them to grow in important ways throughout the summer.And those experiences can nicely complement what is learned at home and school during the rest of the year. 

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