Farm Fresh Eggs for Sale
Price:  $3.00 a dozen

Good morning,

My lovely hens have blessed you with a chance to purchase some of theirtasty eggs. A day in a life for my girls. They wake up in the morning and they stretch their little tail feathers out and they strut themselves outdoors to the fresh air where the grass is green and the bugs and worms are fat and are just a crawling around. These lovely ladies do have their grain all set out for them as some fresh well water but above all, their humans have some yummy treats for them. Most importantly, they have their gorgeous roosters keeping them safe.

My ladies are not organic where their grain is concerned. They live off their layer pellets, bugs, worms, grass, tasty table scraps that are fresh, not sat out for days. We do not believe in feeding our animals meat or products like it when giving them table scraps.

Should you want to try out some of their blessings, please email me or call me at 

802-738-9214. Their humans have agreed to deliver with in areasonable distance from South Royalton.

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