Quiet Please!

Seeking Sanctuary

This has been a tough year for many.  The headlines come at us insistently each day, with yet more violent acts, taking place all over the world.  Couple that with a tough election year, and the usual worries that come to most of us over budgets, kids, work or lack of it- enough! Mind body and soul cry out for solitude and silence, to restore ourselves.

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Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed, and need to regroup, I seek those quiet places, at home, at work, and sometimes, even down the road.  By allowing myself these moments of seclusion I find I can restore the balance I feel is off, and it gives me the strength to go on.  As a longtime caregiver, finding these quiet spaces could be challenging,  sometimes my quiet place was the front seat of my car for ten minutes before heading back to work, or home, after a difficult part of my day.

Although my first instinct is to head to the ocean, that is a little less practical now that I reside in Vermont, versus California.  So instead, I seek the river by our home in Thetford Center.  There is something about water that immediately quiets my mind and helps me put things in perspective.

When I’m struggling with a particularly difficult task at work, and need to step away, I have the luxury of walking right outside my library’s doors.  In Hanover it is easy to find a place to walk, or find a bench to sit and read a book on my break.

A friend recently shared that one of her workplace sanctuaries is the Vermont Veteran’s Cemetery.  I too find cemeteries to be places filled with peace, and a lot of history too.

Many find that a library or church can provide that quiet they need to get away from all the electronic chatter in their lives.  Others find meditation either by themselves or in a group restores their balance.

Our home, for most of us, is our sanctuary from the world.  There we can decide what we want to watch, or read, or who we want to invite in.  After many years of living in our home, we have learned how important it is to have outdoor spaces that restore our spirits.  Our water garden is a space that gives me much pleasure.  If the windows are open I can hear the water, and early in the morning and again in the evening, the birds sing to us as they fly in for a quick drink.  When I have time on the weekends, I like to sit and read and allow myself to unwind. 

Look around, where do you go to recharge your life batteries?  Is it a park, or do you go on a hike? Do you have a porch swing?  Or like me, do you long to get in the car and drive to a favorite spot? Wherever it is, may it bring you the peace we all deserve in these crazy hectic times. 


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