Walks with a Water View

Summer is upon us and it's walking season for me!  I've already compiled my list to try this summer.

There's something about a walk with a water view or feature that is so tranquil.  All but one of these spots are not for swimming, but you can find that in a future post.  For a list of swimming holes click here.

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If You Want to Picnic

Paradise Park in Windsor has a great open picnic area surrounded by woodsy trails and a short walk down to the Lake (no swimming).  I really like these trails and the picnic area is centrally located around them. Definitely a fun spot to spend an afternoon.  There's even room to play lawn games.

Boston Lot Lake is an amazing spot and a hidden gem (it took me a while to find it because there are multiple trailheads and I chose the wrong one...)  You can read my post in the link above to make sure you won't get lost. There's a wonderful easy hike around the lake too.  Swimming, fishing, and camping (with prior permit approval) are allowed.  Read more on that here.  This is another wonderful spot to spend an afternoon. I can't wait to go back.

See the River as you Walk

Pine Hill Park in Hanover has trails that wind around the beautiful golf course.  You can see the Connecticut River at some points.  It's a really relaxing and leisurely walk.  I've seen people walking their dogs and joggers.  I walked it with my little one.  If I lived in Hanover I would do this as my morning walk - every day.  Make sure to stop and admire Occom Pond on your way to the trails.

Montshire Museum Trails offer educational opportunities for your children: learn about how far the planets are from each other spatially based on your walk, learn about different flora and fauna, and more.  There are five walks of different lengths for you to enjoy.  I've enjoyed the Ridge and Blood Brook trails but have yet to venture on the Meadow or River Loop.  There's a map here.  

Just Get Your Feet Wet

Mink Brook is a preserve in Hanover that has lots of trail options.  I particularly enjoyed the one that went around the brook where you can dip your feet in.  I'm looking forward to going back to this trail and exploring it some more.

Frenches Ledges is one my favorite local places to go for a walk.  There are lots of trails to choose of different length and difficulty.  Apparently I have never officially climbed the top as I haven't seen the gorgeous view you can find online, though the steep ascent I scrambled up at the end made me think otherwise.  Either way the beginning of the trail has a lovely brook you can soak your feet in or just sit and watch it babble away.  I'll have to head back there soon and update this photo with the bridge and brook.

Stay tuned for more walking lists this summer as I adventure with my little one.

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