Meet the Wellness Professional: Mike Smith

Owner & Founder of Titan Training Fit

Every week I highlight someone in the Upper Valley who falls under the title of "Wellness Professional" - trainers, nutritionists, therapists of all kinds (physical, psychological, massage), and creators of healthy products, to name just a few. I give them a list of the same 20 questions and they choose to answer as many of them however they'd like.  

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This week I'd like to introduce you to Mike Smith, Owner and Founder of Titan Training Fit


I got involved in fitness at an early age and thankfully it became a huge addiction for me.  By the time I was 19 I decided I should become a trainer as I was in love with fitness and wellness and wanted to help others reach their goals. By the time I turned 23 I had started my own business Titan Training Fit which was terrifying being so young and having no knowledge at the time of owning or running a business.  I love the gym and consider it my personal Disney Land and therapy.  If I’m frustrated or upset the gym is my best answer to help relieve any stress or negative feelings I may have. I love seeing my clients smile and become addicted to fitness themselves. Knowing I helped them reach their goals and making them feel better about themselves puts a huge smile on my face. Unfortunately, so many people body shame others these days and that’s just not right by any means. Everyone should feel comfortable and happy.  I will do whatever I can within my power to help change that and bring fitness and wellness to as many people as I can.

How did you get where you are now?

It took years of dedication and belief in myself to get to where I am now.  Growing up in a small town made it difficult for sure, but I knew that if I stayed with it and kept pushing myself I would one day be working for myself full time.  It also came down to me taking the plunge and wanting to give it my all. I had always had a "normal" job on the side, in addition to personal training, to make sure my bills and what not were met, but then I finally told myself, "If you don’t jump into the deep water you may never end up working for yourself or make it as a trainer."  So, I took the plunge and am happy to say I succeeded.

What makes you unique in your field? 

I think I’m unique because I’m young and I understand the hardships and money struggles most have these days in our economy.  I’ve always wanted to put fitness first in people’s lives even if I had to take a pay cut. Everyone deserves a chance at becoming healthier and happier with themselves and comfortable in their own body. I’ve talked to countless people over the years working at different facilities that would charge an arm and a leg for training and people just couldn’t afford it and I don’t blame them for not purchasing it.  That’s why I always try to give deals on training. For instance, if you refer a friend to me, you and the person referred would receive a discount, or if you're a new client or a loyal client that keeps coming back for more training month after month, you get a discount. 

What’s your go to meal for: breakfast, snacks, sweets, lunch, dinner, beverages?

I personally meal prep for 3 days in advance as I have a busy schedule and don’t have time to go out and just pick some food up, and meal prepping saves me a boat load of money as well as keeping me on my diet. I don’t follow any of the trends diets out there either.  I’m a picky eater so I tend to stay with the basics like chicken, lean beef, pork, eggs and fast digestive carbs like white potatoes. For snacks, I buy some mini pretzels and quest protein chips. Now, when it comes to sweets I’m a die hard chocolate fan.  I will legit eat a whole can of frosting and not care.  I was lucky that I never got into soda or alcoholic beverages.  I stick to plain water (as boring as that sounds to most) or I’ll drink some V8 Blends as I am not a huge veggie guy.  I’d much rather drink my veggies than eat them anyway.

What’s your favorite quote or mantra?

My favorite quote is by Kris Gethin.  He’s insanely inspirational and motivating to me. His quote is, “Knowledge without mileage is bullshit”.  I like this quote because it’s the hard truth. I know and have met trainers that think you need to be a text book to train someone and, let me tell you what, your client wants to understand you and absorb the information, not be confused. These are the trainers that barely workout themselves.  Having both the knowledge and mileage from training and researching in my opinion will make you a better trainer any day and will help relate to your clients in an easier way.  I tell clients all the time it’s a learning process for life, you can never know enough and everyday there is additional information coming out.

Who or what gives you inspiration?

Once again Kris Gethin is my biggest inspiration.  I started following his protocols in 2011 when I first heard about his training styles. The dude is a beast in the gym and wants everyone to try harder and push themselves. He also is very real and makes learning fitness and wellness more fun.  He’s the only trainer I’ve ever heard or seen to make every day trainer videos to help his clients understand the struggles of everyday life, but not making excuses to miss a meal or miss a training session. I like that you can evolve with him throughout these daily trainers.

If you could only have one piece of fitness/wellness equipment what would it be? 

If I had one choice I would choose a pair of moderate dumbbells as I love free weights with a passion and would use just that one piece of equipment to hit every muscle group and grow or shred.    

What is your least favorite exercise? 

Most think it’s funny when I say this but I hate arm day so biceps curls are my least favorite exercise out there. First off there’s a huge misconception that by curling nonstop you will get huge arms. Triceps make up 2/3 of the arm so if you really want to grow the arm hit all three heads of the triceps not the biceps. I also enjoy a challenge during my workouts and arms seem to be too easy to grow for myself so I dread arm day and biceps especially.

What is your favorite exercise? 

My favorite exercise is probably the T-Bar Sumo Squat.  Most people probably have no idea what that is. You attach a barbell to a T-bar set up or just place the end of the barbell in a corner.  Then you load it up with weight on one end and stand in front of it. Get yourself into a sumo squat stance (feet slightly wider than shoulder width, with your toes slightly pointed out.) Squat down and grab hold of the end of the barbell and lift.  I like this because it hits my hamstrings and glutes hard, doesn’t give me internal knee pain like a normal barbell sumo squat and doesn’t affect my lower back to much either. [Here's an article about similar exercises if you'd like to learn more.]

What are one or two tips you can give to help people be successful in their wellness journey? 

My first tip would be to never give up. Nothing comes easy in life and that is 100% the truth for fitness. You just should keep plugging away at it and if you fall, get back up and try again until you succeed. I have a lot of haters out there so I love to prove them wrong and use their doubt to help me push myself harder and to higher places. My second tip would be to live in moderation. Like I said earlier, I love chocolate so don’t feel bad for having something you enjoy. Too many people go on these huge diet fads and don't eat anything they enjoy and then when they slip they slip hard and end up eating the whole pie or whatever they want. I like to eat 90% clean throughout my day and have something I enjoy as well to help keep me satisfied and on track. That way I don’t have the urge to buy the whole bakery.

Where can people learn more about you?

Anyone that would like to learn more about me is more than welcome to visit my Instagram account @Mikethetitansmith, Facebook Page (Titan Training Fit) or visit my website  


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