Norwich Fire Department Destroys Its Own Building

Norwich Fire Department members smashed windows, chainsawed a roof and sprayed water inside office space on Monday night in a rare opportunity to use their own building for training.

The fire and police departments just moved out of this space. The departments will be getting a new public safety building early next year.

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So, the volunteer firefighters thought they'd get a jump on the demolition. 

The firefighters brought all their gear and trained in 90 degree heat on Monday.

How could they resist an empty building?

In the video above, a new volunteer learned how to properly smash a window.

New volunteers took apart the roof with chainsaws and pulled out the insulation to get to the ceiling. 

Volunteers got a little wet as they sprayed water inside the offices.

The fire department members used a machine to create smoke inside the building. They practiced using a thermal imaging camera.

Volunteers took chainsaws up and down a ladder to attack the pretend fire from the roof.

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