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Trivial Vermont!

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Five fun facts learned at Vermont trivia night

If trivia is considered a sport, it certainly would by my favorite. Some people yell at athletes when they fumble or make a bad play, I yell at Jeopardy contestants when they give a bad response or can’t answer easy questions. That said, when I caught sight (thanks DailyUV), of a Vermont themed trivia at Harpoon Brewery hosted by the Vermont Historical Society, I knew an evening of sipping Wannamango from the tap and testing my knowledge would be in order. While Team Maplesheep, (consisting of me, myself, and I), didn’t win the overall competition, I at least was victorious (ok, it was a tie) in two rounds. But regardless, an enjoyable time was had, and I now present five new pieces of knowledge I learned for all of you Vermontphiles to acquire and impress the world with (and maybe even win trivia)!

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1.       Do you know your oceans and continents? Well at least some credit is due to Vermonter (and Upper Valley resident), James Wilson, the first globe producer in the US.

2.       Are you frustrated when water is low in your favorite swimming hole? Runaway pond (formerly known as Long pond),in Glover, Vermont, is infamous for all of its water permanently draining into Lake Memphremagog , after a failed engineering effort.

3.       Apple pie isn’t just delicious. As our official state pie, it’s patriotic to eat.

4.       In his 1968 successful run for Senate, George Aiken only spent $17 on his campaign. I spent nearly that just drinking beer at the event!

5.       There are over 5 million patents, but to no surprise it was a Vermonter, Samuel Hopkins, who had the industriousness to get the first patent , which was for a process to make potash, a key fertilizer ingredient.

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