Motherhood is for the Birds (Again)

Submitted a year ago
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Lisa Nichols

The return of the The Bird.

Remember when we lost our garage to a mama bird last summer?

We let her nest and incubate three eggs up in the rafters while we tiptoed around the yard tools trying not to disturb her, and when we did, she'd dive-bomb our heads. She was a tyrant, as all new mothers should be.

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I'm pretty sure she's back with her red-breasted hunk of a mate. He's been hopping around the yard for weeks, getting weirdly close to us considering we're huge dangerous humans, and glancing from me to the garage as if to say, "you going to open this thing or what?" Seriously:

I knew robins tend to return to the same nesting sites each year, but I didn't know they'd be so stalker-ish and impatient about it.

We didn't open the garage for them this year. So, like that friend who misinterprets even the most obvious social cues (read: me), they moved closer. Now The Bird is birthing right outside the main entrance of our house.

So, does this mean you'll pay part of the mortgage?

And we're just letting them do it, again, because we can't resist. Watch your heads.


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