Perfect Day for 30th Vershire Library Book Sale!

All tastes from literary to horticultural to gluten-free were satisfied...

Tents and brimmed hats provided welcome shade from the also very welcome sunshine that seemed to erupt into summer all at once, just in time to celebrate the annual Book, Bake & Plant Sale in Vershire on Saturday.  Together with the Fall Festival book sales, this was the 30th Vershire Library book sale. It was hard to complain about the heat after the long cool, wet spring we've had here in the mountains. And all the hard work that went into setting up, baking, quilting and more was well worth it, bringing in over $1000 (not merely $100 as a previous typo indicated!) for the Vershire Community Library!

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The bake sale featured several gluten-free treats including banana bread, pineapple cupcakes, and oatmeal raisin cookies, which I thought were delicious - and I'm not usually a fan of something that has raisins where the chocolate chips should be! There was also a double chocolate banana bread, a delectable orange chiffon cake and lovely prune pastries.

Thanks to Shirley Collins for coordinating this yummy aspect of the annual summer Library fundraiser, and to Suzanne Lupien who contributed fresh loaves in the community bread oven. The green plate on the left below is actually my family's selection - all delightful!

The plant sale featured two long rows of donated cuttings, splits and transplants. There were lemon balm, mint, columbine, even a tiny oak tree, and much more. We ended up with all the remaining bee balm at a scandalously reduced price, an offering to the bees that took up residence in our bee yard.

The Vershire Scholarship Endowment Fund also displayed this year's quilted masterpiece, largely created by Sue Kruse, pictured below with Kareen Obydol-Alexandre, who coordinated the plant part of the sale. The quilt is traditionally displayed throughout the season's events, including Vershire Day, with raffle tickets on sale for $1 each or 6 for $5, then the raffle drawing is held during the Fall Festival in October.

Proceeds from the quilts contribute to post-secondary education expenses for Vershire residents. Some of the past prize quilts can be found at the Stagecoach Stop Hostel, where guests can experience the most cozy of traditional Vermont artisan crafts.

But, of course, the main attraction for many people was the book sale, which Librarian Lynn Roy has coordinated since the very first one. Even in the last moments of the sale I was able to find an amazing assortment of volumes on subjects ranging from the Dark Ages (which seemed particularly appropriate for these times), to women's illuminating memoirs of both colonial New England and the Middle Ages, a classic tome of horsemanship from the Vienna Riding School, a beautifully illustrated book on the chakra system, a study of the Golden Ratio (which I plan to use for my next quilt pattern), a book on communication pattern differences between the sexes, and a guide to cross-stitching medieval-themed samplers. A nice variety for the end of the sale - I can imagine what treasures the early birds found!

What treasures did you find at the Book, Bake & Plant Sale, edible, readable or plantable? Contribute your input in any of the ways described below. We may be a small rural town, but we have a mighty online community presence!

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