Springfield man tased by police during Wall Street disturbance

Conrad Moore III has resisted arrest before

SPRINGFIELD, VT - A 22-year-old Springfield man was tased by police early Friday morning during a disturbance involving several people at an apartment building on Wall Street.

    Conrad Moore III is now facing probation violations in both Vermont and New Hampshire as a result of his latest arrest.  He was placed on probation in both states last year due to convictions for drug possession.

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    During a brief court appearance Friday afternoon, Moore denied the probation violation and pleaded innocent to a charge of resisting arrest.

    Springfield Police Officer Ryan Prince said Friday morning’s incident began shortly after 3 a.m. when he heard yelling coming from the apartment building right on the corner of Wall Street while he was on foot patrol downtown.

    Officer Prince got in his cruiser and drove over to see what was going on and was met out in front of the building by Moore and Heath Renaud, 29, who reported that someone had smashed out the sunroof on his SUV.

    Prince said that Moore reiterated that someone had damaged his friend’s vehicle but his speech was “slow and slurred” as he did so.

    Prince wrote in his affidavit that he called for backup due to the sounds of “aggressive yelling” he could hear coming from at least two women inside one of the nearby apartments.

    Moore was told to stay put outside while police went to deal with the situation inside the apartment building but Moore allegedly followed along and “became angry that (Prince) was going inside and (Moore) began to yell and swear inside the apartment building,” the affidavit recounted, with Prince writing “I instructed Conrad roughly ten times to leave the building and quiet down and even informed him that I did not wish to take him to jail and that he just needed to listen.”

    Instead, the officer alleged, Moore announced that he was not going to jail “because I will (expletive) fight everyone…I’ll (expletive) punch everyone in their (expletive) mouth.”

    Prince continued, “Due to the fact that I had given Conrad numerous chances to calm down and he refused to listen I decided to place him under arrest for disorderly conduct.”

    One handcuff was about to go on, Prince wrote, “However, (Moore) began to tense and tried to get away from me.  I yelled for Conrad to `Stop resisting!’ (but) Conrad continued to push off of me and due to his baggy sweatshirt I was unable to get a proper hold of him.  Officer Stephen Neily and I attempted to escort him to the ground but he continued to resist.”

    “As I was attempting to place Conrad in an `arm bar,’ I informed him that he was going to get tased.  Officer Neily then `dry stunned’ Conrad with his department-issued taser on Conrad’s right thigh.  Conrad then began to fall to the ground…and I was able to secure his left wrist again (but he) continued to tense up and not allow me to gain control of his right wrist.  I gave several more warnings…that he would be tased again and he finally relaxed and I was able to handcuff him,” Officer Prince concluded.

    Police said their subsequent search of Moore’s pockets turned up a large pocket knife and nine bags of heroin inside his wallet.

    “While Conrad was sitting in the cruiser he began to yell and scream again and was banging his head off the cruiser partition,” the affidavit said, adding that when “Conrad eventually calmed down” he agreed to take a breath test which showed a 0.151 percent blood alcohol level.

    A Springfield Fire Department ambulance crew was called to the scene to check that Moore was alright before he was taken to the Springfield Police Department for processing ahead of his court appearance which took place several hours later on Friday afternoon.

    Moore’s probation officer, Eddie van Dijk, noted in court paperwork that Moore received a suspended 3-to-12 month sentence in Vermont last fall after he was convicted of misdemeanor heroin possession but, van Dijk continued, “During Mr. Moore’s eight months on probation it appears that he has not stopped using heroin.  He has admitted to relapsing in January and on February 27th he was transported to Springfield Hospital because of an overdose.”

    “We would like to see him held until a treatment bed becomes available for him” at an in-patient drug rehab facility, van Dijk wrote in a recommendation to the court.

    Moore’s criminal record includes a conviction for resisting arrest - second offense - stemming from a June 2015 incident in downtown Windsor where Detective Daniel Silver wrote that Moore had been drinking heavily and getting into fights with friends throughout the course of the evening before police finally decided to take him into custody and a scuffle ensued.

Conrad Moore III, 22, is on probation for drug convictions in both Vermont and New Hampshire

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