The Winner of the Hartford Block Party Raffle Is...

Goodbye rain, hello sun!

Eliza LeBrun wins $50 to Big Fatty's!

The 3rd Annual Hartford Block Party hosted by the Hartford Community Coalition was held last Wednesday, June 7th at Lyman Point Park. The sun finally came out, the food provided by White River Rotary was tasty and the talent was on point. Did you all get to blend a smoothie on a bike or have Ben and Jerry's served to you by the Fire and Police Chiefs?

The DailyUV crew spent the evening passing out bubbles (honestly, we should have brought more...SORRY), handing out watermelon, and trying not to give away where the historic Hartford photos were taken. It was so tempting. 

For those of you who entered here are some then and now photos with the correct answers!

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The Corner of South Main Street and Gates Street - Where The Junction Frame Shop now resides.



Newberry Market on South Main Street, Formerly JJ Newberry

Finally...where was this? 

Downtown White River Junction - Hotel Coolidge

A HUGE thank you to the Hartford Historical Society for sharing these photos with us. If you are interested in seeing more make sure to give these folks a visit.

Again, congratulations to Eliza LeBrun for winning the $50 gift card to Big Fatty's - enjoy!

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See you next time Upper Valley :) 


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