Arrested twice now for alleged road rage gun threats

Incidents just two weeks apart

LEBANON, NH - For the second time in two weeks a Lebanon man has been arrested for allegedly threatening to introduce a gun into a disagreement with another driver.

    Kevin Hardy, 29, picked up another misdemeanor criminal threatening charge on Wednesday after he allegedly pulled up next to another motorcyclist at a traffic light "and told him that if he continued to drive like an idiot, he had a gun," Lebanon Police reported.

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    Hardy had been arrested on the same charge back on May 24th after police were told that Hardy "had mentioned a firearm" during an unrelated dispute and officers subsequently located "a replica semi-automatic handgun" in his car.

    Police were told that Wednesday's incident began when police received a call from a motorcyclist who said he'd been riding alongside his father's bike when another motorcyclist (later identified as Hardy) yelled at them in traffic, accusing them of having cut him off.  Following the alleged threat at the traffic light, Lebanon officers said they located Hardy based on the description they'd been given by the complainants but did not find any firearm on him at the time.

    Hardy was processed and released on $2,500 cash bail and is due to appear in the Lebanon District Court on July 24th to formally answer the charge. 

Kevin Hardy, 29, of Lebanon, New Hampshire now faces two criminal threatening charges

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