Visit Vermont State Parks

This weekend (June 10th and 11th), is Vermont Days Weekend, an annual event that provides free day use admission to all Vermont State Parks. With 55 developed parks, our parks exist so we can have fun, recreate, and enjoy our state's natural beauty. Visit a park, and you will go home with a story.

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Silver Lake was where I learned to swim and perfected my most advanced technique, the doggy paddle. It was where myself and other South Royalton elementary students celebrated the end of school year with watermelon and orange soda under the pavilion. 

Burton Island was the site of a fish feast, after my mother, sister, and I spent the afternoon reeling in perch, bass, and catfish from the dock.

Quechee was where I worked for three summers during college, smelling campfires as I zoomed around in the gulf cart and wiping mosquitoes off toilets.

Big Deer was where I took my first solo camping trip,and embarrassingly used up an entire book of matches in my fire starting effort.

At Kettle Pond there was the botched catch and release, where I gasped in horror as I accidentally dropped my camera down into the pond instead of the sunfish in my other hand.

While everyone's experiences will differ , I promise you will create stories far more interesting than those from sitting at home. You will find joy from a snack bar ice cream cone on a 90 degree day. You will find whimsy in the mossy green forests, and rejuvenation from a lake swim. And most importantly, you will remember why those who travel far to reach our little state call it paradise.


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