Introspection - Naomi Hartov

Meet the Local Artist: Naomi Hartov

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Amy Fortier

Collage and Mosaic Artist

Every week I highlight a local Upper Valley artist. I give them a list of the same set of questions and they choose to answer as many of them however they'd like. I hope you enjoy meeting our local artists! 

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This week I'd like to introduce you to Naomi Hartov, Collage and Mosaic Artist

Free at Last, Free at Last - Naomi Hartov

Bio and History

I live in Enfield, am retired, and have a small art studio in my home. I live with my husband, Alex, and my two dogs, Frodo and Bilbo. I started doing collage about 16 years ago, inspired by a collage exhibit at DHMC.  I also started making mosaics (from stained glass, broken dishes and other objects) and "embellished" handbags about 3 years ago.  Basically, I have become a glue-a-holic.

How did you get started with art? Have you had any training? 
I have only taken a few collage workshops over the years.  Prior to seeing the above mentioned exhibit at DHMC, I had not only NOT considered myself an artist, I didn't really think I had a shred of artistic ability.
When did you first define yourself as an artist?
When people started reacting positively to my collages.  
What is your studio/space like?
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What medium/media do you use? Why do you like it/them?
Collage and mosaic.  I feel that they allow me to create art even though I don't draw or paint.

What do you do with pieces you don't like?
Hope someone else will like them!

Creation and Inspiration

How do you get started on a piece? 
For collage, I use a very subliminal process. I start with a totally open mind and just start looking through images from magazines, catalogs, calendars, etc.  I set aside images that catch my imagination, and when I have a small pile of images, I start moving them around like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.  Eventually, they start to "talk" to me and I get ideas about what other pieces may fill in the blanks in the story.  I have many, many files of images categorized in various ways (color, body parts, architectural elements, etc.) so I know where to look if I need a certain type or color.
How do you know when you're done?
The piece "tells" me when it's done.  I usually come up with a title somewhere in the process and that may help me know I've finished.  The titles are an integral part of the process. They are sometimes a play on words having to do with the "story" the collage is telling, or they can be quotations or song lyrics.

How do you get past a creative block?

About Art and Artists

What do people not realize about being an artist?

I think that most people who have never really done art don't realize that they can.  I think we all have it in us. I didn't realize I was an artist until I found a medium that allowed me to create art without knowing how to paint or draw.  If you want to do it, you just do it and keep doing it until you get better and better at it. It's kind of like an exercise that makes you stronger the more you do it.
What do you admire in other artists?

Sharing Your Art

Do you offer classes/workshops? If so, what kind and where?
I have given workshops at the DHMC Aging Resource Center (next one will be next May I think) and the Women's Health Resource Center.

Where can we find you/your work? (Website, Facebook, Galleries, Instagram etc...)

Introspection - Naomi Hartov


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