6 Ways to Celebrate National Running Day

Put on your running shoes and go!

Check them out - whether you're a Newbie or Experienced Runner

June 7 - the first Wednesday in June - is officially National Running Day!   Yes, I know it seems like there is a day for EVERYTHING now, but this is a good one and does not require you to purchase any cards or gifts!  So I have put together a few ways to celebrate, inspired by an article I read in Shape Magazine by Karen Borsani. 

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1.  Sign up for a Race:  This is generally really an easy thing to do - if you are experienced, find a race somewhere you've never tried or a longer one (I just ran my first half marathon and it was awesome!).  If you are a newbie there are a lot of 5K races especially ones that benefit charities.  The deadline to run helps you get into a training routine and the feeling of finishing a race is pretty indescribable. Ask a friend about races, look in a running magazine for inspiration or go to a website like Active.com and sign up for something that looks fun.

2.  Pick a Training Plan:  There are lots of plans in running magazines or on running websites.  There is even a site called Couchto5K that gets newcomers to running started.  sounds hard, but is easy - just take one step at a time. Even if you aren't running a race, a training plan can help you get into a routine. Or pick a maintenance plan that gets you through until you start training for a race later.

3.  Get Some New Shoes: When did you last get a new pair of shoes? As a rule of thumb, running shoes need to be replaced every 300-500 miles.  If you are new to running, go to a running specialty store and have someone fit you with a good pair.  If you have never tried this and you run, it is so worth it. I pronate and a patient and knowledgeable salesperson found the perfect pair that helps compensate and is super comfortable.

4.  Take Your Dog for a Run: Running with your best friend Fido is not only a good way to get your exercise, it will be good for your dog's health as well.  Try a morning or after work run to help you get exercise and help your dog get some miles after being cooped up all day.

5.  Introduce Someone to Running:  I never ran until I met my husband, who has run marathons, and I would never have started on my own.  Ask a friend or family member to go for a run with you, and if you are new to it, ask someone who is a runner to take you out to try it.

6.  Try a New Route: Try something new by pricking another route different than the usual, or maybe going down that road you've never been on to add an extra mile to your run.  If you normally run on the road, try a trail run for a different experience. A change of scenery can make running more fun and interesting!


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