Don't be a Juice Bag

Submitted 2 years ago
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Leigh Ann Root

Without responsibility of one’s actions, one is not a student of life.

Kathy Griffin is acting like a juice bag (this is the PG version of a similar phrase). Ridiculousness is running rampant, in our society, and Kathy Griffin is the ‘poster child’ for it.

In life, we have circumstances; some we create and some we don’t. This circumstance was created by Kathy Griffin. Bed made, now lay in it. She made a bad choice, this has brought her consequences. Such is life.

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In the beginning, she took responsibility for her bad action. This lasted for a half a second. Feeling the heaviness of her own shame, humility and bad judgement, she stepped firmly into victimhood.

Instead of being accountable, she turned the spotlight off her wicked behavior and pointed it directly onto others. These others who have merely reacted to her cruel choice of humor. This infuriates me, not because I’m politically swayed in one direction but because she’s simply not being a good human.

When we accept this deflective behavior as okay, it sends the message that we can be reckless without being liable. If we can figure out a way to become a victim, then it cancels out the original ugly action. It’s ludicrous. This illogical way of thinking is cheap. I’m not buying into the nonsense.

Without responsibility of one’s actions, one is not a student of life. No evolutionary experience will be had. It decays the soul and prevents development of good character.

Kathy Griffin stated that others have ‘broken her’. Just one peek into her mirror, should bring about the revelation that she started this wrecking ball rolling. She has single-handedly re-arranged her career. The decision to go down the path of excuse making, self-pity and self-righteousness, will only leave her in more pieces.  

Admitting mistakes has been replaced by finger pointing and ‘not it’ behavior. The best and most rewarding lives are the ones filled with mistake making and lesson learning.

Blame gaming has become a professional sport, almost second nature for some. It crumbles character and it weakens. It’s difficult to watch people marinating in their own importance, while pointing to others as the reason for their problems. It’s time to look away from these train wrecks and look for brighter brains.

Substance and originality is important and often not found in these creatures of unaccountability. They’re often cemented in their own thoughts and beliefs, unwilling to see different points of views or alternative solutions to problems. A closed mind never leads to creativity, inventiveness or answers to difficult challenges. It’s an openness that lead to new solutions. Similarly, old ways rarely bring new vision.

Intention is perfect point of reference, when confusing rhetoric begins. Does it reek of self-absorption or is it genuine in its truth without personal gain?

Thank you, Kathy Griffin, for giving us such an example of humanity to ponder on. Perhaps you should  create and host a new show called ‘What Not To Do”.


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