The Cobeys: Embracing Quechee

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Anne Critchley Sapio

Nicola Cobey sings the praises of Quechee, which has been – and still is – a great destination for her athletic husband, David, and her two energetic and sports-minded children, Cameron and Cailin. “We looked for a place that had all the amenities Quechee offers. It was perfect,” she says. “We’ve loved every minute.”

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The Cobeys bought their vacation home in Quechee in 2007 when Cailin was four years old, and her brother Cameron was six. They embraced skiing, skating, swimming, and especially tennis. Wait... golf is right up there, too! Cam says he loves to go out on the course with his dad in the late afternoons. David is the sports influence in this family. Cam credits his dad for his sports genes. Nicola admits to a much lower interest in playing sports, yet she and her husband do enjoy playing paddle tennis, as well as hiking and kayaking. Nicola coordinates the camps, practices, meets, and games... not a small effort. Her joy comes from watching her children thrive and succeed in their activities.

Focus on tennis at Quechee

Cam and Cailin’s prowess in tennis started with attending the club’s junior tennis camps for a week at a time. They both took to it enthusiastically, are both members of the Junior Quechee Tennis Team. Cailin says at first she was daunted by how good the older kids were. Well, now she’s older, 14, and there are only a few girls at her level. She competes with boys, as partners and opponents. Their longtime coach is Dave Bailey, who has been a camp counselor and tennis coach as long as they have been playing. Both will compete on the team this summer.

At 16, this will be Cam’s last summer playing at a junior level. Cam, who spends much of his leisure time at the tennis courts, helps out as much as possible. This summer, he hopes to take a greater role in training for a counselor position. ”I don’t care what I do there. I just love being there [at the Tennis Center] and playing as much as I can,” Cam says, and adds, “I think my dad and I are about equal... in golf, too. Dad better be ready to move over slightly since Cailin is right there in the ballpark, too.”

Cailin says that Dave Bailey and Chuck Kenyon, as well as the staff, are like family. The Cobey children practice with the team and on their own, picking up games freely. It’s always a delight for a coach to have such motivated and talented protégés. And one advantage is a great attitude, which they both have.

Cailin, when asked about who she admires in the tennis world, says Serena Williams who’s known for serving aces at critical moments. She has attended several professional tennis tournaments with her family, and they watch matches from around the world on television. When Cailin and Cam attended the Rogers Cup in Montreal, the number-one-rated world singles champion, Novak Djokovic, happened to cross their path. Cam leaned over the fence and asked for a quick selfie with him, and Djokovic tossed Cam his towel as a memento.

When not in Quechee

The Cobeys live in Wellesley where both children attend The Rivers School. According to Nicola, Rivers offered sports opportunities in a good environment, and both children take advantage of it. Cam plays varsity lacrosse and is on a year-round club team. Cailin plays soccer in the fall and lacrosse in the spring on the middle school team, as well as playing year-round club soccer. Cam started Rivers in sixth grade, and is now a junior thinking ahead to college. He and his mom did a college tour this spring break, mostly to schools in New England with easy drives. His dad’s alma mater, Boston College, was on the tour. 

During that same spring break, Cailin and her dad went west to ski the Rockies. “He started late [skiing], and now we are equal. Well, actually I am a bit faster,” Cailin says.

The Quechee Ski Hill provided easy access to a sport their dad enjoyed. Cam and Cailin picked it up easily, and before long, they expanded the terrain and elevations to Okemo and Killington.

Enjoying Quechee year round

Nicola says they come to Quechee as often as they can. Since the kids are involved in activities here every season, they love coming to Quechee. The Cobeys have Christmas and Thanksgiving locally with family members and other Quechee families. Nicola explains that being involved in activities and life in Quechee puts one in contact with people interested in similar things. So your social life is as full as you want. “We’ve become good friends with several Quechee families. The kids are friends, too.”

The summer trips the Quechee Club recreation program offers are terrific, according to Nicola. They often take advantage of the hikes and kayak trips. “It’s so easy when the trips are planned, and transportation is also organized.”

If there were ever a family suited to a place like Quechee, it’s the Cobeys; they love coming ‘home’ as often as they can.


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