Gourmet Chef at the Norwich Farmers' Market

Baked Goods Galore!

From now until the end of October, Saturday mornings are blessed with the Norwich Farmers' Market.  This becomes my favourite day of the week for the beautiful drive over, the peace, the sense of community and above all, the food.  We make a beeline weekly for the bright yellow tent and the master baker himself, Mr. Barry Snyder. Some of you may remember La Poule a Dents in Norwich or Salubre in Hanover.  Both of these superlative restaurants were this chef's creations.  So now, we who worship the Norwich market are the lucky ones as his stand is a weekly magnet of sweet, doughy, rich and delectable creations.  This is Salubre Hanover.

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There are but a few line-ups at particular stands just as that old clanging cowbell announces the opening at 9:00 am.  As Mr. Snyder arranges his table, he is one for whom salivating fans stand by.  I find it is extremely difficult to make choices, so I generally succumb to several options: galettes with caramelized peaches, buttery mocha cakes with chocolate cream centers, oatmeal and raisin cookies, crusty baguettes that maintain their oven-exit aroma or a soft Bavarian pretzel.  There are the weekly staples yet there are always clever and intriguing new additions.  

Our favourite creation is the breakfast burrito.  I don't understand how you make such creamy scrambled eggs and keep them so softly moist with perfect amounts of potato and sausage - and the key- the whole lot finely chopped so as not to get a tough hunk of meat to challenge the delicacy of the egg.  Add a smidgen of spice and some salsa for dipping and the morning is complete.

Chef Snyder also makes sandwich platters and salads for delivery.  Place your order before 5:00 pm the day before!  A visit to the homepage might also entice you with his other endeavours.  Click here

I do lament one missing stand this year which was the Echo Hill Farm run by Craig, his wife and daughter, Hannah.  This stand used to have a line-up often fifteen minutes early.  Their cherry tomatoes were the sweetest elixir.  Do any of you readers know where to find their style of Panisse lettuce- that buttery, pale green masterpiece of nature?

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