Congratulations To Last Week's Featured Writer

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Congratulations to Phoebe N. of White River Junction, last week’s featured community prompt writer.

The writing prompt is a weekly writing challenge cosponsored by DailyUV and Joni Cole, author, founder of The Writer's Center in White River Junction, and believer in bringing out the inner writer in all of us.

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What's a prompt? A trigger to get you writing.

Next week’s prompt is:  "What's so funny?" 

What’s the key to being featured? Well, DailyUV is a website for all things Upper Valley -- so what we like best of all are entries not just from local writers, but grounded in where we live.

You can participate by sending your piece (300 words or less) to by next Wednesday at midnight.

Last week’s prompt was, “I’m so lucky.” Here’s our featured entry from last week. 

 By Phoebe N. of  White River Junction, VT

I was walking down the stairs in high heels and lace, trying to keep my countenance while announcing to anyone that would listen that I was so lucky. So lucky that you chose me; you were willing to marry me. I would show up in this slip of a dress with my hair done just so -- held together by vats of hairspray and something old and borrowed -- dress new, flowers blue … I had it covered. My friend’s dad said I needed lipstick; I didn’t wear lipstick then. “You need color,” he said.

 Looking back, is that where I turned the corner? Is that where I handed myself off to you, traded my life for yours? I’m guessing it was a slower process, ongoing, but that moment stands out, despite everything else: the beers you drank each night, the way you dismissed me in front of our friends, the slights and insults to my looks, my intelligence, my way of walking around in this world. Yet, I decided right there that I was the lucky one, that despite how much you told me in so many ways that I sucked, you still wanted to marry me. Lucky me.

 Standing in the church, waiting for the music, trying to walk slowly, I could hardly breathe, could not stop crying, shaking. Someone actually wanted to marry me? A handsome, intelligent man wanted me to be his wife? I told you no many times. I knew it wasn’t a good idea. Knew that, as I once told you, “our s- -t meets in a bad place.” Well, here was that place where all our s- -t was going to meet till death do us part, and I had the prettiest dress and the perfect shoes and my hair just so, and I was walking down the aisle knowing that I was ugly and not thin enough and blotched from crying. And even though later you would tell me that you didn’t like my dress or my hair or that I looked terrified walking down the aisle, I was, at that moment, thinking, “I’m so lucky.”


Congrats to all of our participants!

 By Marjorie Moorhead of Norwich, VT

“’ve gotta ask yourself one question: “Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya punk? * 

 Luckiness is a strange concept. Is it based on possession—if you get the golden ticket;  grasp the merry-go-round ring?  Is luck avoidance of catastrophe or pain? 

Does luck mean privilege?  What circumstances were you were born into?

Are there degrees of luckiness?  If so, I suppose I am 85% lucky.

 I’m so lucky in obvious ways: family; husband; children.  I am also lucky in ways that aren’t so apparent to the eye.  I have a lucky history.  I am a survivor; I wear that particular badge of luck in my heart.

Lucky charms.  Four leaf clover.  Do we find our luck?

Or make it?

 We like to think there is control; some element of involvement.  

I’ll wear my lucky shoes; I’ll wish on a coin and toss it in the fountain; I’ll be “good” and luck will find me.

If we create our own luck, are we responsible when it’s lost?  Can we share luck? Is it finite; can it “run out”? 

 Luck can be as simple as having this paper and pen, and the ink doesn’t run out and the paper doesn’t fly away.  Then, there is opportunity. To write and learn.  

Maybe luck is opportunity, and the ability to take advantage of it.

Maybe the key is to simply believe in the possibility of good fortune, and live open to receive it when spotted.  Like the clover with four leaves winking at us from the field.  Like the best friend we don’t yet know. 

 *Clint Eastwood, Dirty Hairy, 1971


By Amy McClure of Bridgewater, VT

 Light drips in along the edges of the curtain,

The day cannot be contained any longer

Shadows dance along the edge of your body

All I can see is the hourglass silhouette of you,

Sleeping on your side

I am so lucky to lay quietly next to you.

Your paw dangles from the side of the bed.

I’m not even concerned,

About all the cat hair,

You are leaving on my pillow.

I am so lucky.


 By Thomas Day of White River Junction, VT

 I’m so lucky in many ways but the one that means the most to me is my family. My mother and father have always been supportive in so many ways, whether the situation was good or bad. I have a great relationship with my girlfiend’s parents and consider them to be some of my best friends, as they do me. We never judge each other. We all make mistakes. We always try to make the best of a bad situation and help each other out when times are tough. I also have a wonderful son who is very smart and always brings a smile to my face, even when he is misbehaving. My girlfriend, Jessica, has always been there for me, too, and is a wonderful and beautiful person to be around. Whenever I’m not having a “good day” all I have to do is think about my family and how I’m so lucky to have them in my life.


 By Ron Locke Sr. of White River Junction, VT

 I have my freedom.

I live by myself.

I heard myself think, what’s that?

I know I shouldn’t answer myself, 

but I’m okay with that,

I’m not right all the time.

But I’ll accept it because I’m right,

and I’m talking to an intelligent person like me.

I’m so lucky to find myself again,

I was lost in the darkness and I found a light that put a smile on my face.

Just for today, I’ll keep the luck and won’t turn back.

Keep the faith Ron, you came a long way.


 By Kristy O’Meara of White River Junction, VT

 I’m so lucky I have the luck of the Irish.

I’m so lucky I have a place to live.

I’m so lucky I have clothes on my back and shoes on my feet.

My feet aren’t happy with the shoes, but maybe my shoes aren’t happy with my feet.

I’m so lucky I have time to ponder such nonsense.

I’m so lucky my cat gets closer to me now demanding I pat her more.

I’m so lucky I have a couch, a TV and cable.

But the not so lucky Red Sox had a horrifying defeat losing 11-2 to the Tampa Bay Rays, 

they got 7 runs in the ninth inning at Fenway Park.

I’m so lucky I don’t have that much pressure in my life.

I’m so lucky my bad days aren’t broadcasted on TV and radio,

though they were in the newspaper a few times.

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