Seafood Tacos

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Dena Testa Bray

A Colorful and Light Meal

I had intended to write a post about a trip I took last week to Long Island and the travails of being a middle-aged woman getting seated alone in restaurants. But that topic will have to wait. In fact, I may never write about it because it seems incredibly petty in the face of the recent bombing in Manchester, England after an Ariana Grande concert. My heart goes out to all who were at the concert and affected by that horrible event. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to be there. The reports bring back memories of other horrific events. In particular, the shooting at Sandy Hook in Connecticut several years back. By coincidence, my husband and I were attending our daughter’s elementary school holiday concert when the shooting happened. We learned about it on our way home from the event. Having just been in a room of small children at a school filled with their beautiful voices, we could easily imagine the heartbreak of what had happened at Sandy Hook. And now we imagine Manchester.

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As horrifying as these events were, they also brought out the best in people. Today’s news reports are filled with story after story of generosity and kind acts being shown in England last night and today. Drivers lining up to help people evacuate the area. Locals opening up their homes to strangers who had nowhere to spend the night. Politicians putting pettiness aside. I drive past Sandy Hook several times a year en route to Long Island to visit family. Tears of joy come welling up every time I pass the billboard that says: We are Sandy Hook. We choose love. I hope the city of Manchester and the victims of last night’s bombing can find it in their hearts to choose love, as well.

I created these Seafood Tacos before the event. It was a cloudy day yesterday and I wanted to serve a meal full of color. It’s a light meal. Prepared taco shells are filled with cooked shrimp, vegetables, and herbs. I like to serve all the ingredients in small decorative bowls to allow everyone at the table to create their own taco in their favorite way. Add some prepared salsa and cooked rice to the fixings, if you like, and serve with cold beer or lemonade. Enjoy.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

I look forward to seeing you in my kitchen, gathering flavors, soon.


You can see the recipe for Seafood Tacos here.

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