What is Happening at Feast & Field Market in Barnard, VT?

photo by Seth Butler/ Sethbutler.com

In a field lined with maples, familiar yellow tents rise from earth, and beckon us to gather.  People fill their baskets with beautiful vegetables and vessels of fermented goods, and feast on food grown on the very land they stand, sharing tables and conversation with neighbors and visitors from lands near and far.

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Farmers’ children run around with the children of visitors, fed and happy, and knowing nothing but this world here where dragons rise from the landscape, roots music fills the hills, and the sun sets over the knob behind silhouettes of tractors and sunflowers.Here, anything feels possible.

Photo by Seth Butler/ Sethbutler.com

Okay, that’s lovely--But what is happening on a more concrete level?

The Feast and Field Farmers, four family farms and their associated businesses, share a lease from the Vermont Land Trust. They also share a mission to grow food for the community, and connect people to one another and to the land.  

Heartwood Farm is growing vegetables and making Carin’s Kombucha, Kiss the Cow Farm is raising dairy cows and poultry, and making a delicious ice cream, Eastman Farm is raising pork and beef, and Fable Farm is growing perennials, producing natural wines and vinegars, providing delicious dinners with food grown by Feast and Field member farms, and curating  venue space for various on farm events. 

A Celebration of Food and Community:

Each Thursday, beginning June 1st, the farmers host Feast and Field Market from 4:30 until 7:30. It is a lively farmers' market featuring the eclectic BarnArts Thursday Music Series, sustained by guests' donations.  Check out the music calendar here.

Read on for some changes this year:

Expanding Offerings

Fable Farm began selling tacos three years ago with the mission of feeding people using the food grown on the land, and building a sustainable relationship between farmers and the community. This season they are expanding their offerings to create a more diverse menu to accommodate families, so that more people can enjoy the food produced by the hardworking and committed farmers of this valley. They will be sharing a new menu in the coming week. 

On the beverage front:

Fable Farm Fermentory will be tending bar to include not only their own wines by the glass and bottle, but also an exciting lineup of beers and grape wines. Their intention is to curate an alcohol list that includes something for everyone on the price spectrum. This offering will bring a change to the alcohol policy at Feast and Field Market. Due to liquor licensing laws and liability concerns, there will no longer be outside drink permitted.
The goal in these changes is to enhance the quality of the Feast & Field Market experience, while also contributing to the long-term sustainability of the project, allowing the farms and rural businesses to thrive so that roots can be laid, and more jobs and opportunities to be created. 
photo by Seth Butler/ sethbutler.com

Finding Balance

Farming is hard work. The cost of land and living is high. The balance of providing quality food, making a living and keeping products affordable for the community is a delicate dance.

In order to accommodate more families, Heartwood Farm offers a unique sliding scale model so that people can pay what they can afford.  From an individual share to a large family share, prices range from $250-$650, and customers can take what they want. Read my story about their program and their farm and family story here. 
If you haven't yet,  sign up for your Heartwood share here

Introducing Membership

What happens on the farm may seem like magic, but the behind the scenes work to prepare the venue takes time and money. Membership fees will support this work and help farmers pay for some of the less romantic costs of hosting events; from porta-potties, to generators, and clearing land for parking. The group  is committed to keeping the program accessible, and will thank members with a growing list of perks.  

photo by Seth Butler/ http://sethbutler.com

More Special Events: 

In addition to the weekly concert series presented by BarnArts, more special events are on the calendar this year presented by BarnArts and Fable Farm.

3rd Annual Art Installation: Opening night July 7th at 5:30
Curated by Edythe Wright, 8 artists work will grace the landscape for an art walk up through the season. 

FableFest- Saturday, July 8th - 2:30-10:30 pm

Fable Farm presents a mini-festival in conjunction with the Art Installation  opening weekend featuring Bow Thayer, Tumbling Bones, Say Darling (with Celia Woodsmith and Chris Hersch), Spencer Lewis, and Haywire.  Stay tuned for more info.  
Tumbling Bones: Photo by Seth Butler: Sethbutler.com

BarnArts presents Special Ticketed Concerts at the site: 

Villalobos Brothers concert Saturday, August 12
Contemporary High-Octane Mexican Fiddle Music  http://villalobosbrothers.com

Lakou Mizik, Friday, August 25
multi-generational Haitian roots band lakoumizik.com

In September, Fable Farm brings back The Royal Frog Ballet, a roving surrealist cabaret, returns 9/29-10-1.  

Say tuned for more details.  Follow my blog to get more news like this. Subscribe here.


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