PHOTOS: Cyclist walks away from WRJ intersection collision

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Monday afternoon mishap right in front of Hartford's town hall

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - A Hartford resident was largely unscathed except for some scrapes and bruises after he bicycled into the path of an SUV at the intersection of Maple and Pine Streets Monday afternoon, colliding with it hard enough to break out a headlight and leave a large dent in the front.

    Cyclist Tom Day and driver Erin Buck of Lebanon ended up giving each other a hug for emotional support on the sidewalk in front of the Upper Valley Auto Mart after Hartford first responders checked Day out and decided he did not need to be taken to a hospital.

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    "I think it was probably my fault," Day said candidly following the 3:30 p.m. mishap, "I came over the (Lehman) bridge and turned and I was halfway through the intersection when the light went from red to green.  There was a row of cars beside me and I don't think there was any way she could have seen me."

A stunned Erin Buck steps out of her car as Day (left) gets up and bystanders help remove his bike from the intersection

    Buck, who had her two young daughters in the car, was not injured but was clearly shaken up by the experience.  Buck said she never saw Day until he bounced off the front of the driver's side of her white SUV and ended up sprawled on the pavement next to her car and his mountain bike which was bent by the impact.

Staff at the Upper Valley Auto Mart kept an eye on Day as they awaited an ambulance to check him out

    "I'm just more concerned about him and the humanity of the whole thing than my car," Buck said after she hugged Day and sent him on his way with friends who showed up to help give him a ride home and retrieve his damaged bike.

    Hartford Police Officer Thomas Howell said it was not immediately clear who was at fault or whether any tickets will be forthcoming.  Howell said he would make a determination about the status of the accident after he finished speaking to witnesses.

Tom Day describes what happened to Hartford Police Officer Thomas Howell

Hartford firefighters bandaged up Day at the scene before sending him on his way

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