Snowstorm, Javelin Injury and World War 2 Aircraft Harassing Hanover May 20-22

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A mixed group of historic events, but still cool enough to share.

May 20 1892 Snowstorm

South Main St Hanover NH, Snow Storm May 20 1892 Trees with leaves half developed {especially maples) 

This is the West side of Main st where the Bridgman, Gitsis and Musgrove Buildings now stand.

Dartmouth Professor Fletcher's diary records "38 degress to 42 degrees Rain after midnight with hail, turned to snow and snowed from 5am to noon: about 4' on the ground and more melted Gentle rain, pm. Cut asparagus thro' 4" of snow"

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May 21 1963 Javelin Injury to the Face 

May 21, 1963 Hanover Dispatch Log Reporting Javelin Injury

I don't have anything other then this Dispatch log, but a Javelin to the face is history worth sharing...

May 22 1955 US NAVY World War 2 Aircraft Buzzing Sachem and Memorial Stadium.

May 22 1955 Hanover Dispatch Log

In 1955 Dartmouth College's housing for married veterans returning from World War 2 and their families, called Sachem Village was located on Lebanon Street between St Denis Roman Catholic Church and the High School. Dartmouth hosted a Navy V-12 program which we will discuss in greater length at later date.

Well apparently one of the veterans still had access to a plane!!

Dartmouth V-12 Program

Sachem Village 1946

Sachem Village

How cool is it that the caller could identify the make and model of the aircraft? Aircraft recognition was part of the culture in the 1940s as citizens were asked to keep a vigilant eye out for enemy bombers..

Dartmouth Navy V-12 students

Photo credits to Dartmouth College Rauner Library, The Coolest Place on Campus.



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