May 20 is "Plant Something New Hampshire Day"

Whether flowers to enjoy or veggies to eat, PLANT SOMETHING!

It will make you happy! If you ar a Vermonter, just do it too!

You may have seen the amusing commercials for Plant Something New Hampshire Day, which is tomorrow May 20....what a great concept!  I know that this isn't an event where you actually go somewhere, but part of the "Take It Outside" concept is just getting outside more.  whether it is in your backyard gardening or on a camping trip, the benefits of being outside are HUGE!  So I am all for this day, plus I LOVE to garden (flowers for cutting as well as veggies, fruits, I even have fruit trees!). 

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I learned something new when I went onto the event website -  New Hampshire is consistently named one of the “Happiest States” in America. (I will bet that Vermont is not far behind!). According to the site, "Studies prove that people who spend more time outside in nature have better mental health and a more positive outlook on life. Those who put down roots here, value the role nature plays in our overall well-being."  Thus the concept of this blog - being outside is great for your mind and body.

The website for the event  has lots of resources, but I am sure if you go to your local garden store, they would be happy to help you make some decisions.  You can enjoy fresh vegetables and herbs even if you don't have much space if you just create a container garden.  There are so many possibilities!

Click here to learn more about Plant Somethinng New Hampshire

There is nothing like a tomato fresh off the vine....planting them in your garden makes this possible!

I've got a bunch of tomato plants, herbs and some annuals ready to go into the ground.  I will keep an eye on the weather, since even though it has been feeling like summer, technically we could still get frost.

So....what are you going to plant tomorrow?


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