The Weirdest Chocolate Flavor In The Upper Valley?

10 Questions With My Brigaderio

Paula Alexandrescu grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where chocolate treats called brigaderios are part of the culture.

Brigaderio, a cross between a piece of fudge and a truffle, is made on birthdays and celebrations like cupcakes are made in America.

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Now, brigaderio is part of Hanover’s culture.

Since Paula opened her store, called My Brigaderio, in Hanover in 2014, she’s created 45 brigaderio flavors, ranging from the traditional "Dark" chocolate to the "funky,” like “Wicked Hot,” “Sea Salt Caramel” and “Marshmallow.”

All of Paula’s chocolate is made by hand and sold fresh everyday. It's a labor of love for Paula and her staff members, who roll as many as 5,000 chocolates a week. Go here to see how it's made.

Paula 10 chocolatey questions.

What's the best way to eat chocolate, in your opinion?

Pure and dark.

What's a chocolate pairing that sounds gross but is actually good?

White chocolate with parmesan cheese.

You sell 45 flavors. That's a lot of flavors! Where do you come up with them all?

Inspirations from my head and some are customer requests. I love creating.

What's the most unusual chocolate flavor you've had?

Chocolate with Pop Rocks inside.

What's the strangest chocolate flavor you've ever tasted?

Bacon. People requested chocolate bacon. I would never have thought of it. It’s the weirdest thing. It’s like eating a steak with chocolate or shrimp with chocolate, but it sells.

You grew up in Brazil and moved to the United States when you were 20 to attend college. Can you describe the culture around brigarderio in Brazil?

Brigadeiro is pretty much in any special event in Brazil. From kids parties to weddings. Kids grow up making brigadeiros like kids grow up making cupcakes here.

What makes your brigaderio different from brigaderio in Brazil?

Our brigadeiros have a higher intake of cocoa than the original recipes from Brazil.

How many new flavors do you make a year?

I have no idea... Some years I don't come up with anything. Others I come up with 5 to 10.

What's the key to a good truffle?

It depends a lot on the customer’s preference. What is good for me may not be good for someone else. For me, what’s good is a creamy filling with a thin layer of dark chocolate.

What's the hardest part about working with chocolate everyday?

Nothing whatsoever! Just pure joy!


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