GO  & DO: Paddle The Border May 21

A perfect way to spend a Sunday - paddling the CT River!

Grab your canoe or kayak and experience the CT River like never before

On Sunday, May 21 The Newbury Conservation Commission is hosting its 14th annual Spring Paddle the Border (PTB). This event starts with a canoe and kayak paddle on the Connecticut River and ends in fun, music and food - what’s not to LOVE about this?

Twice a year this fun event takes place and paddlers from throughout New England join in the fun

PTB was started as a way for community organizations from Vermont and New Hampshire to work together to "showcase" our shared asset, the Connecticut River.  PTB promotes the natural, cultural, scenic and recreational resources of the Connecticut River, in a way that would also provide an economic boost to the area.  PTB is held twice a year weather permitting-no rain dates are planned.

The Spring Paddle  2017 date is May 21st  from Woodsville Community Field to the Bedell Bridge State Park Boat Launch off Route 10, Haverhill Corner, NH.  There is a shuttle service  from the take out, to the launch site.  This Shuttle Service has been provided by Butler Bus Company (big thanks!) andis available from 10am to 11am - that gives you a suggested launch time of 10:30 to 11:30am. The approximate paddle time for the spring and fall paddle is 3-1/2 to 4 hours.

The Paddle is followed by a cookout provided by the Wells River/Woodsville Rotary Club, and live musical entertainment by the Strawberry Farm Band.  All events are weather permitting, and all participants must abide by safe boating rules and regulations.

So come, meet new friends and fellow paddlers, whatever the reason, join the fun!

To learn more about PTB or to get involved contact :

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Michael Thomas 802-757-3960   mikethom1@charter.net    www.newburyconservation.org

10 things to know about Paddle the Border

1. When: Twice a year [weather permitting] SPRING Sunday before Memorial Day Weekend FALL 1st Sunday in October.

2. Where:  SPRING  Launchat the Community field off Rt. 135 Woodsville, N.H.  Take out at the Bedell Bridge State Park  off Rt. 10 Haverhill Corner N.H. Fall  Launch  Newbury Boat Landing Newbury-Haverhill Crossing  [between Rt. 5 Vt.  Rt. 10 N.H.]  Take out Bugbee Landing Bradford Community Field [behind Bradford Academy/beside the Bradford Golf Club]

3. Estimated time of paddle:   Spring  & Fall  3 1/2 - 4  hours  [ can be longer on sunny days / Well Ya! ]

4. Shuttle:  FREE  From take out to launch site. 10-11:00 am [ Spring & Fall]   Drop boat, gear, and passengers off at launch site, drive to take out, a bus will bring you back to launch site.  Travel time +- 1/2 hour with drop off and traffic.  Volunteers will be at launch site to help unload boats and watch gear for you.

5. River Rating:   The Connecticut River is Rated Class 1, in the area covered by PTB  Rivers are rated Class I - VI, Class I: Fast moving water with riffles and small waves. Few obstructions, all obvious and easily missed with little training. Risk to swimmers is slight; self-rescue is easy.   As river difficulty increases, the danger to swimming paddlers becomes more severe. As rapids become longer and more continuous, the challenge increases.  We will not hold the event when the water is extremely high or we deem the River to be unsafe for any reason.

6. Gear:  Life Vest - They do Work!    Canoes, Kayaks, [Paddles are helpful]  [  Tubes, Floats, Inexpensive blow-up boats are not safe for an event like PTB and will not be allowed, ]    Yes Safety First!  Suggestions: Dry Bag, a water proof storage bag [ check your local sporting goods store] for carrying - Snack & Drink- it is a 3+ hour trip, Sunscreen [ Oh yes we hope ] Camera - Binoculars,  Change of Clothing the water is still cold,   What if?   Helpful Hint: change of socks & foot ware in your car at take out.    Warm Feet  Good!

7. Experience: ??? know yourself.  It is a 3+/- hour trip, Are you  a beginner? Do you have confidence to handle yourself and your boat? Great, go for it!  Never been in a boat? Think about it? warm summer day a lake, we want you to learn the sport and have fun with it. All boaters at some point should go to a lake [ on a warm day] and tip your boat over, and learn what to do to get to shore!

Helpful Hints: Stay in groups, this is a great events for meeting new friends and fellow paddlers.  If you do tip, hold on to your paddle, stay calm, [ Of course your life vest is on] roll your boat over [to create an air pocket ] and slide up- part way on it and swim to shore. Don't grab on to someone's boat and try to pull yourself in. If someone near you tips over, talk to them help them stay calm, help collect their gear, and if need be let them "Gentle" hold on to the side of your boat and ferry them to shore.  More boats flip trying to help someone else.  Wind, a strong wind in the face can make for a long day on the water. To help beat the wind paddle close to shore. It's good to stretch out and limber up before you paddle, and to stop a few times to stretch the limbs. Note: If you want to ‘wet a line’ and fish a little, you must have a Vermont or NH license.  (Trolling when there are lots of boats in the area can be tricky!!)

8. At the End:  The Wells River/Woodsville Rotary Club will be grilling and selling Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, & Beverages from 1:00p.m. on.  The Strawberry Farm Band will be performing [ weather-permitting ]  Plus there will be displays set up by various local organizations offering information about the Connecticut River, the Connecticut River Valley and events happening in the Cohase region of  the Connecticut River Valley. Here you can help! If your group or organization wants to get involved with PTB  let us know, Please.

9. Sponsors :

  • Newbury Conservation Commission - NCC         
  • Haverhill Recreation Commission,- HRC
  • Cohase Chamber of Commerce,          
  • Wells River/Woodsville Rotary Club,          
  • Butler's Bus Service,
  • Supporters and informational Web-Sites: 
  • Hemlock Pete Canoes  www.hpcanoes.com                                                                     
  • ·Upper Valley Land Trust  www.UVLT.org
  • Upper Valley Trails Alliance                                                             www.WVTrails.org
  • Connecticut River Birding Trails                                                      www.ctriverbirdingtrail.org
  • Cross Vermont Trail Association                                                     www.crossvermont.org
  • ·Connecticut River Watershed Council   www.ctriver.org
  • Connecticut River Joint Commissions    www.CRJC.org
  • Silvio O. Conte National Fish & Wildlife Refuge                        www.fws.fov/R5soc/

10. Safety First:  Know your ability and your limitations. Know once you shove off on any adventure you are responsible for yourself!   This event is a fun, community-sponsored event and all effort is make to keep it safe.Trash- Take it in, Take it out. All participants MUST abide by safe boating rules and regulations!




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