Have you peeked in your neighbor's basement lately?

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Becca White

 Have you peeked in your neighbor’s basement lately?

Maybe you have walked by your neighbor’s house and thought, “Huh, I wonder what it’s like inside?” Or, perhaps you wish there was an opportunity to get the insider scoop on how a neighbor has tackled a recent home project? We all like peeking over the fence. And let’s face it, we love watching folks transform their homes on HGTV and This Old House.

With more and more of your neighbors going solar, have you been meaning to ask your neighbor what it was like for them to go solar?

Hartford residents you are in luck!  As a Hartford-ite myself, I’m focusing my work right here in Hartford to help locals connect with their neighbors just around the corner who have solar. I can shout the benefit of solar from the solar-powered roof-tops, but why not let the solar homeowners speak for themselves?

“We’ve made a lot of upgrades to our home over the years and going solar was by far the easiest. All we had to do was say “Go.” There was absolutely no inconvenience for us. This was the easiest project we’ve taken on.” – Sharon Comeau, Hartford solar homeowner.

Check out any of the following Solar Open Houses running from the middle of May through the end of July. These open houses are an informal and free opportunity to talk to both a current solar homeowner and me, SunCommon’s solar community organizer.

“I think about our solar every time the sun shines. Oooh the sun is out! That means I’m saving money.” – Kevin Comeau, Hartford solar homeowner.

This blog is written and sponsored by Suncommon.com#featuredonthegram 

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