Vibrantly Vibrate

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Leigh Ann Root

Our energy spills out and around our lives, daily.

In our every day lives, we have countless opportunities to be impactful. These opportunities are responsibilities. We vibrate and radiate constantly.  The nuances of our facial expressions and our body movements speak before we do. Our words are easy to track and our actions are even easier. Our energy spills out and around our lives, daily. Where do we direct our energy? What is gained and what is lost through our energy distribution?

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The brightest and most enlightening days, are those when we realize our energy has been misdirected and misused. We change the course. We move forward from what has been holding us back and down. These are the days we stop blaming. This is when circumstances become secondary. This is when we strengthen our foundation by owning and growing from our lives. We put our energy into self improvements, which positively affects our being. This energetic shift touches all that we touch. This recharges us continuously.

Road blocks to our individual enlightenment are abundant. Daily, we experience distractions and challenges. We strive to feel better and look for easy ways to achieve this. At our finger tips are quick fixes with short lives.

Social media offer up a minute by minute way to construct a life to escape to. This can have us feeling better, momentarily, but no real work on self gets done here. These are the moments when we can lose our direction. The social media engine is steering the way. Creatively crafted photos and daily accounts of personal importance, take shape. It's easy to get lost in this fantasy of value and slim substance. We can imaginarily disguise our lives, as to not feel the real. It's in the quiet moments, that emptiness is realized and energy is zapped.

When we put down the electronics and pick up our houses and our kids, life settles in. These little moments are the truths we live amongst. Energy redirects. It's the small happenings that will soon be missed when time passes, as it does, too fast. They're, most likely, passing us by as we're 'masking up' our mundane. The mini milestones of children or nature's small shifts can easily be missed. How organically, are we feeling the moments when we're constantly  'staging' and photographing them? Are we really being real?

Before this social world engulfed us, did we live to be grander than we are; striving to impress and craft other's thoughts about who and what we are? The new avenues to 'billboard' our lives are now a huge part of our lives. It's given new meaning to 'one upping' and keeping up with the notorious Jones family.

We 'megaphone' our causes as we align with majorities and minorities. The longing to be noticed more and to be right (or left) is screaming loud. Relevance has become importance. Off to the wayside goes truth, humility and humanity. Before we know it, we're playing lost and found with our soul. The collateral damage may be difficult to repair.

Our energy and vibrant vibrations have bigger and better jobs to do, within the perimeters of our everyday lives. If our peace and harmony does not coincide with the facades we create, our foundation is collapsible. Life can be void of meaning and satisfaction hard to obtain.

Stillness brings awareness. Downloading determination to live in our moments, brings us back to our meaning and our valuable existence. Happiness is electric when we live authentically versus electronically.

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