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Kelly Bushey and Eleanor Zue have taken over as Green-Up Day coordinators in Vershire after Andrea Harrington’s several years of service in this role. Kelly explains, “There’s a list of people who have done certain roads, so we were able to call those folks and map it out.” She’s very excited that “the ATV club is able to help out this year and do some loops for us” with Vern Stone and  Doug Stone leading that effort. Especially appreciated is their agreement to work on Eagle Hollow, which no one was covering. In fact, “they’ve already started!” The ATV club will also cover areas in South Vershire around the copper mines.

“Most people want to help,” Kelly continues, saying she and Eleanor have had a “wonderful response.  Most folks do call back.” If they can’t do it themselves, often they’ll suggest someone else, which is really helpful. She feels the majority of roads, if not all, are covered.

Green-Up Vermont has distributed 50 special green bags for Vershire, and they contribute posters to help get the word out. These special green bags need to be used for this event, as they are available for free, though if people run out they can also use the usual green bags we get through the Town. The Town Office and the Durgin Hill recycling center will have the special bags available Saturday morning.

Though it is preferable for people to drop their bags of trash as well as recyclables and returnables at the Durgin Hill recycling center, there will be an extra pickup Monday morning along the road sides. Both the packer truck and a town truck will be utilized so the Green-Up bags can be kept separate. There will also be special collections at recycling this week, including tires, fluorescent bulbs, and metal along with usual trash and recycling 7:00-noon, electronics at the Town Office 9:00-noon, as well as Green-Up trash 7:00-1:00.  Please see your town newsletter for more details or stop by or call Gene Craft, Town Clerk at the Town Office Saturday morning, 9:00-noon at 685-2227.

Local Green-Up coordinators like Eleanor and Kelly don’t work directly with the statewide organization, but Green-Up Vermont is now a non-profit rather than a state government department. “Green Up’s mission is to promote the stewardship of our state’s natural landscape and waterways and the livability of our communities by involving people in Green Up Day and raising public awareness about the benefits of a litter-free environment,” as described on their website. “Vermont was the first state to designate a day to clean up the entire state. Started in 1970 by Gov. Deane C. Davis... Green Up Day 1971 was also officially recorded in the Congressional Record, thanks to US Senator George Aiken. “

Around the state some communities plan social events to encourage participation. Here are a few examples of the festivities. There are barbecues scheduled in several towns, including, in St. Albans City, a volunteer BBQ at 14th Star Brewery. Leicester and Lincoln offer raffle prizes, while in South Strafford, Coburn’s Store is offering a popsicle coupon for each child who brings in a bag. Westmore will have a pizza lunch, and some locations, like the Car Store in Norwich, will give out t-shirts as well as refreshments. Hartland’s lunch will include a writing contest, and Sharon has quite the itinerary with refreshments, plants and a bake sale early in the day, then a potluck and party at Seven Stars that evening. Wells, Ludlow and Windsor will begin the day with coffee, juice and donuts and bagels, then follow up the hard work with their barbecues. Tinmouth makes it exciting with free ice cream, but Berlin will have “refreshments and prizes for enthusiastic participants.”

Kelly “thought it would be a fun thing to take on, just get out, get to know people too.” She has experience in the past coordinating Green-Up Day as part of her previous job several years ago, so it’s “something I was very familiar with.” Why is it important to Kelly? “It’s something I’ve always done personally around our house. Green-Up Vermont is a great organization, and we live in such a beautiful place, why not keep it that way?”

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