Fable Farm Fermentory, photo by Chloe Powell

Fable Farm Fermentory Hosts Event in New Barn

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Chloe Powell

Tapas and Tastings Saturday from 3-7

ancient apple at Rumney Barn, photo by Chloe Powell

Fable Farm opens the doors to the new barn for their second tapas and tasting event in their new space at the Rumney Barn located at 1525 Royalton Turnpike in Barnard, VT.  They will be selling tastings of their apple and honey wines, as well as tapas plates featuring foods from other Feast and Field Farmers. Their invitation reads, “these gatherings harken back to the early days of the Fable… less in numbers and more intimate in conversation” in reference to the early days of Fable Farm held in the Barnard village. Now, no longer a vegetable farm, they are operating in a beautiful facility just across from the site of Feast and Field Market.

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You can check out the new facilities, when you join for tastings of their wines, and tapas which will feature;"meatballs; frittatas with harissa; olives with lemon and garlic; warm almonds with herbs; bean pate on crostini with kohlrabi pickle; jasper hill, ascutney mountain, blue ledge farm cheese plate." 

Join Fable Farm on Saturday, May 6th at 1525 Royalton Turnpike in Barnard, Vermont

Tapas and drinks will be in the upper barn from 3-7 PM. 

RSVPs are appreciated! Please email fablefarm@gmail.com or call 234-5667

The Rumney Barn:

Completed in 2016, the barn frame originally came from Rumney, New Hampshire, hence the name. Upstairs boasts a beautiful event space with revealed aged beams highlighted by the bright new lumber. The project was led by master carpenter Brooks Wright. The tasting and tapas event takes place in the upstairs space.  Downstairs, a great dining hall is capped by a large open fireplace and pizza oven constructed by John Barnes and crew. Dining table and chairs crafted by father and law/son in law team Josh Metcalf and Pete Michelinie.  The downstairs holds a cave storing Fable Farm’s ciders and wines, as well as a commercial kitchen where the catering crew prepares food, and where Kiss the Cow ice cream is now made.  

 To join their email list to be included in future mailings about dinners and tasting events in the new barn, email fablefarm@gmail.com.  

Unfortunate Events/New Opportunities: 

Earlier this spring, Fable Farmhouse, where Fable Farm's Jonny Piana and Jesy Joy lived, went up in flames.  While some of their business property was still held at the house, luckily most of the business had already moved to the new barn.   See the story here of the response to that fire, and evolution of Fable Farm with beautiful photos by Seth Butler of the original days of Fable, now almost a decade back. 

Feast and Field Market

Fable Farm is part of the Feast and Field Farmers Collective, along with Heartwood Farm , Kiss the Cow Farm,  and Eastman Farm.   Together they share a lease with the Vermont Land Trust, and host a weekly farmers' market Thurdays from June-October. 

They start this year June 1st.  BarnArts hosts a live music series boasting some of the state and the world's finest musicians.  See the full schedule here. 




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