Channeled Angel Readings
Kathryn Samuelson
Price:  See my website for fees

Channeled Angel Readings are an avenue to achieve alertness, wisdom, motivation, and inspiration. To do this, I channel our collective angels and guides to receive answers to questions as well as guidance from the metaphysical plane. Our angels and guides love answering questions and giving guidance to those who ask. I will work with you to find out the answers to questions that you might have about your path in life, current life situations and other concerns that you might have. I can also work with you to find out who your angels and guides are as well as what role they are currently playing in your life.

The sessions with my clients are for the purpose of guidance in this time of paradigm shift; a time of reinvention and transformation. As life is not set in stone, even with the guidance of our angels and guides: it is up to you to make choices based on the guidance provided, and, then to work to make your choices manifest. You can choose to follow the guidance or not.

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