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Re-energize, nourish, and spark your internal fire

Early to mid spring in most places is a time of melting away winter's snow, spring rains, and warmer temperatures allowing the rivers to gush and theground to thaw. Here in the Upper Valley and around northern New England we also get an extra season in spring called mud season. This time of year can feel a little heavy (especially if you have seasonal allergies), but it can also feel energizing and bring back some vitality in and around us as nature begins to wake back up. Mornings are a little brighter with bird calls returning, the sun feels a little stronger, and evenings are getting brighter and longer. This return of life, a stronger sun, and lengthening day is a great balance to all the mud and rain.

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In spring, tapping into your internal fire can further this sense of life returning to the world around us and within us. Our internal fire can have a lot of different names and feelings; we might think of our passion and what lights us up, we might think of self-discipline and the transformation that self-discipline can lead to, we might think of our digestive fire and our gut instincts. We might even think of how a warm fire can take the edge off of those damp spring days or how we nourish ourselves and transform our food with cooking. For me the feeling of getting into a warm car after work brings such a simple smile and joy to my day. I can't wait to get outside for evenings around the fire pit, and the warmer, sunny days are bringing back a pep to my step!

Try these 3 tips to re-energize, nourish, and spark your internal fire:

1. Check back in with you New Years IntentionsSpring is a great time to check back in with your New Years Intentions, now that a third of the year is behind us we can further reflect on what has worked for us and what hasn't. If you haven't read my post on a simple way to start 2017, check it out, and if you read it in January it might help to re-read it. Ask yourself if the WHY is still enough motivation or even if the WHY is the same. And notice what your daily routine is looking like now (eating, sleeping, hydration, digestion, movement and mental freedom). This might also be a time to check in with your self-discipline, accountability, and awareness. Let this reflection help keep you on track or gently get you back on track; try not to let this be a time for self-criticism with thoughts of "I'll never be able to do it" or "I knew this wouldn't work again."

2. Eat clean and notice your digestion/elimination
Check out my last post for resources to eat clean(er) and analyze how much of your diet is from whole, real foods. With the ground thawed, the green houses are full and the farmers are getting their fields ready and fresh, local produce will be here before we know it. As you analyze your diet also analyze how you feel after eating certain foods. Notice any immediate effects like changes in your energy, a runny nose, or increased phlegm, and delayed effects like constipation, gas, bloating, or diarrhea. You might find (whether you like it or not) that certain foods just aren't great for your gut, or you might find how great that fresh smoothie made you feel. Focusing a bit more on your digestion and elimination can be helpful this time of year; as the weather begins to change, you might crave different types of food or you might be able to start eating more local produce.

3. Create time for your passions and playAs spring continues, you might find yourself wanting to be outside more or the added energy you are feeling is getting you off the couch. Use these urges to your advantage and make time to play, have fun with friends and family, let go of work and life stress for a few minutes, and restart your hobby that maybe wasn't a priority over the winter. We might think our status is based on how busy we are and it seems like everyone around us likes to brag about how stressed out and jam packed their life is. But taking time to laugh, do something productive that is not work related, and enjoy the lightness of play is so much more enjoyable and worth talking about. A quote I love from Dr. Stuart Brown is, "The opposite of play is not work, it's depression." Read on about Dr. Stuart Brown and his thoughts on play here.

I hope these tips help you to use the energy of longer days and a stronger sun to help spark your internal fire. With winter behind us, we can let Mother Nature help motivate us re-energize, nourish, and spark our internal fire.

Comment with any questions or feedback!

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