Quiz Yourself: You Know You've Lived in the Upper Valley a Long Time When...

The Upper Valley has had a lot of landmarks come and go over the years.  On my blog Upper Valley Fun there are two quizzes you can take to test your knowledge and reminisce. Click on the links in italics under the screenshot of the quiz.

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How Much of the Upper Valley do you Remember?

Take this multiple choice quiz and find out what you remember about the Upper Valley consumer landmarks: old restaurants, shops, and more.  Are you new to the area or certain you won't know the answers? That's okay you'll learn a lot.  I know I did!

Did You Ever...In the Upper Valley?

Complete this quick quiz and reminisce about activities that you used to be able to do in the Upper Valley. Take heart, I offer alternatives at the end.  So much I didn't know you could do!  You can even add comments in this one.  

Make sure to share to stump your friends or remember memories together.


In the comments below write what you think these are.  

Can You Name the Mystery Landmarks? 

Who is Kelton and his chimp and Elephant? ___________________

What was the Pig and Fox? ________________

Where were the concrete dolphin and turtle? ___________________

Smiths Field was a _____________

Den Ro’s was a ________________

The Ritz in WRJ was a ______________

The Wooden Shoe was ________________________

Want to see pictures of some of the landmarks from the past? Check out the the Facebook group: You know you grew up in the Upper Valley if..

You can also read funny quotes from Facebook readers finishing the thought: You Know You're from the Upper Valley When...

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