Paroled rapist of teen girls reportedly strikes again

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Arrested Thursday morning within sight of the Springfield Police Station

ROCKINGHAM, VT - A paroled sex offender convicted over a decade ago of raping several underaged girls in both New Hampshire and Vermont was the subject of an intense hunt by police Thursday morning after he allegedly had sex with a missing 14-year-old New Hampshire girl he'd brought over the state line into Vermont, Vermont State Police are reporting.

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    Kurt Carpentino, 33, of Hinsdale, New Hampshire (which sits just across the Connecticut River from Brattleboro) was arrested by Springfield Police officers at 9 a.m. on Thursday morning in front of the Edgar May Health and Recreation Center in downtown Springfield after they spotted him driving his silver Dodge Neon through town.

    Carpentino, who was lodged overnight at the Springfield jail, is due in the Windham County Courthouse in Brattleboro on Friday to face arraignment on felony kidnapping and aggravated sexual assault charges.

    Shortly after 8 a.m. Thursday state troopers from the Westminster Barracks were notified of a sighting of the missing teen and they converged on the town of Rockingham looking for her.  Soon after Carpentino was detained in Springfield, the girl was found in the vicinity of Alden Road in Rockingham, Vermont State Police Detective Sergeant Rick Holden said in a statement issued late Thursday evening.

    The teenage girl was transported to Springfield Hospital where she was interviewed by detectives.  

    Detective Holden said the investigators quickly determined that Carpentino had brought the girl to Vermont without the knowledge or permission of her family.   The two-state investigation is still active and anyone with additional information is being asked to contact the Vermont State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation at (802) 722-4600.

    Back in 2003, Carpentino was sentenced in both New Hampshire and Vermont to a series of overlapping prison terms and probationary sentences after he was convicted of demanding sex from underaged teen girls from Brattleboro, Chesterfield and Hinsdale and becoming violent if they refused him.

    Although Carpentino was 20-years-old at the time, he was ordered to serve between 3-and-a-half and 40 years for his various convictions and one of his sentences (7-to-15 years for an aggravated felonious sexual assault conviction) was suspended for 25 years so he could be placed on probation through the year 2028, meaning any new conviction stemming from the alleged incident on Thursday would likely trigger a violation of parole proceeding and the imposition of the balance of his underlying sentences.

    Carpentino completed a number of court-ordered sex offender and substance abuse counseling programs before he was granted parole.

Kurt Carpentino, 33, of Hinsdale is facing felony kidnapping and aggravated sexual assault charges

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