You Know You're From the Upper Valley When...

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Locals weigh in on what it means to be from the Upper Valley.  I'm proud to be a part of such a unique and vibrant community.  Comment below on your favorite or add your own.

You Know You're From the Upper Valley When...

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"You have to go north to go south on the interstate."

"You say you went to Dartmouth and people ask which one."

"You wonder where the Upper Valley ends and where it begins."

"You lived in the tri-town area."

"You understand what an Upper Valley is."

"When you know where the miracle mile starts and stops."

"You don't need any type of technology to direct you to where your going."

"You can literally walk from one state to the other," and "Corollary: you can literally swim from one state to the other."

"When someone asks, 'Have you lived here all your life?' and you reply, 'Not yet!'"

"You know to steer clear of Hanover on Dartmouth graduation weekend!"

"Your old home day parade is so short it goes around twice."

"You know what bridge balls are."

"Your attic is full of books that you keep meaning to donate to the five colleges book sale."

"You eat grinders, and know what 'awesome wicked' means."

"You can experience all 4 seasons in a matter of a couple days," or "hours!"

"You know what mud season is," and "you know what frost heaves are."

"You walk down the sidewalk and can’t have an uninterrupted conversation with your companion because you keep running into other friends or your parents' friends!"

"You never refer to a property by the current owner's name. You always use the previous owner's name."

"You tell people to go to Dan and Whit's and shop."

"You know that 12A means The Plaza."

"You know that particular smell that West Leb has some days."

"You buy your wellies and dress shoes at FarmWay ... and they are not the same thing!"

"You frequent the Upper Valley Food Co-op daily for just "a few things," but mostly for the good vibes and conversation."

"You buy more than you consign at the nearly new sale."

"You have a Revolution hoodie!"

"When you hear peepers and can see the stars... All of them."

"The Listserv reads 'lost llama in a red vest spotted on the AT'-true story"

"When a sheep goes missing from one farm and then let's itself into a pasture at another farm in the next town over."

"Cow pie bingo is a big deal at the fair."

"You're away on a trip and you miss finding items you need at Dan & Whit's."

"You are pretty sure that your chosen wardrobe of Keens, Carharrts and Ibex was arrived at individually without any outside influence."

"If you walk into the Opera House like you own it.... Because you grew up doing concerts/performances/ plays throughout your life there."

"You know what a fluffernutter sandwich is."

"You have been to every store and restaurant within a 20 mile radius of WRJ."

"An inch of snow in Hanover or downtown Norwich translates to 6-8 inches up in the Beaver Meadow portion...and the plows don't come until someone calls after the third or fourth car has slid down Howard Hill."

"You don’t just have your town’s farmer’s market to get your veggies, but at least five others."

"You know how to walk from the 4 Aces to the Polka-Dot."

"You know how to get to the back rooms at Dan & Whit's"

You've enjoyed "roast beef suppers in Hartland."

"You've eaten breakfast at Lou's."

"When you know the original location of the 4 Aces Diner."

"When kids are wearing shorts to school in January."

"You know the difference between Hartland 3 corners and Hartland 4 Corners."

You come back year after year to the Norwich Churches' Rummage Sale and find tons of "too good to pass up buys" even though you donated bagfuls of stuff trying to clean your house out.

Stay tuned for the upcoming post: You Know You’ve Lived in the Upper Valley a Long Time When You Remember…

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