Mixed Berry & Yogurt Cake

A rich and versatile cake for the summer season ahead.

We were fortunate to spend part of last week on Cape Cod. It was a last minute vacation and our Airbnb hostess was kind enough to allow us to bring our puppy along. It was great to have an entire home to ourselves―one that was the right mix of cozy and rustic, in a neighborhood of friendly people. Tourist season is a few weeks away, so we were fortunate to feel welcomed and have large patches of the beaches to ourselves. We live in a quiet place, but the quiet of the ocean has its own unique sounds. The rhythmic undulation of the waves was as soothing as the sounds of seagulls and other island birds.

The house had a well-equipped kitchen, which was good since we planned to eat in for most meals. Not much was open yet in the way of restaurants, and truth be told, the takeout seafood we ordered a couple of times was fresh but relatively flavorless. We’ve found that in many tourist locations, the food is often scaled back on flavor, perhaps because restauranteurs are accustomed to trying to please a wide variety of people.

We were there Easter Sunday and I made this Mixed Berry and Yogurt Cake for part of the celebration. This is a rich and moist cake as suitable for breakfast as it is for a fancy dessert. We used the last of our berries frozen from last summer but I plan to make it again and again with the fruits we are about to receive as we move toward summer. Try it. I know you’ll enjoy it.

I look forward to seeing you in my kitchen, gathering flavors, soon. - Dena (You can view the recipe for this cake along with photos from Cape Cod by clicking here.)

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