PHOTOS: Pickup knocks out power pole in West Hartford

Road blocked and power temporarily cut to Dothan Road residents

WEST HARTFORD, VT - "Driver error" is being blamed for a mishap Monday morning that forced the power company to temporarily cut-off customers along the length of Dothan Road.

    Bonnie Latham, 62, was not injured but her 2004 pickup truck was totaled when she lost control while headed up the road just above the intersection with Route 14 at approximately 9:40 a.m. and snapped a power pole, Hartford Police reported.

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    Officer Tom Howell said that Latham was not impaired in any way and road conditions were fine at the time so she may end up receiving a traffic ticket once the investigation is complete.

    Green Mountain Power crews responded to the scene, killed the power to the lines, and sawed apart the broken pole before replacing it and re-energizing the system over the noon hour.

Hartford Police Officer Tom Howell and Sgt. Jason Pedro shut down Dothan Road

Green Mountain Power Lineman Mike Thompson of Sharon softened up the rubber coating on the power line with a blowtorch and then cut it by hand

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