Dartmouth has not made any meaningful changes to its energy supply and distribution method since the 1920’s. (Photo: Rauner Library

Dartmouth Unveils Plan for Sustainability

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Lee Michaelides

On Saturday Dartmouth President Phil Hanlon released a report "Our Green Future: The Sustainability Road Map for Dartmouth." The report, which was written by a college task force, describes why several college systems are unsustainable and outlines a path to a carbon-free future

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Today Dartmouth uses as much energy as a town of 20,000 people. That energy comes from buying 50,000 MWhs of electricity off the grid and burning 3.5 million gallons of Number 6 fuel oil.

"Because Number 6 fuel oil is a relatively dirty fuel, our greenhouse gas emissions per student are among the highest in our per group," said the report. The college generates an estimated 65,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases annually.

The report listed a number of sustainability goals that the campus experts deemed feasible. They included

* 50 percent of campus energy will come from renewable sources by 2025.

* 100 percent of campus energy will come from renewable sources by 2050.

* Improvements to Dartmouth's century-old energy distribution system will increase efficiency by 20 percent.

*Replacement of Number 6 fuel oil with renewable energy sources by 2025.

Click here to read the full report.


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