10 Signs of Spring in Vershire!

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The Beauty of the Season Emerges at Last

It’s been a long time coming, and every year it seems we start to wonder if it will ever arrive. Sure enough, just when it seems like it will never stop snowing, those first few warm days follow one after another, then the rain, and instead of a blanket of white, a whole new palette of color paints the landscape. 

Some hues are drab, to be sure, but they just add contrast and background to the bright triumph of green leaves, red osier, early flowers and rosy robins.

The ice recedes and the peepers start their nightly chorus.

Birds flock to the tree stands by the pond and the pasture opens up, revealing the tiniest remains of last year’s grazing… and fertilizing.

Pussywillows offer a softness that gentles the urgency of the new season’s approach.

Melting snow has released the cascading brook from its hidden travels beneath snow and ice.

Sometimes the road resembles a riverbed more than a main thoroughfare, but this morning it's in good shape, thanks to our diligent road crew transporting loads of gravel all week to fill in the rough spots. Still, there is only so much they can do besides wait for the frost to heave its way out of the ground.

Like the leaves on the

beech trees, we too have persisted through the winter.

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A few furtive snow piles linger in shady spots but they'll soon disappear too.

The lilacs are budding, promising that May will follow April with fragrant bouquets on every branch.

To me, the most exciting revelation of all is the arrival of the crocuses. Actual flowers, ready to bloom. Yes, Spring is really here!

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