Startup Life: Meet Aileen Lem, Lamb Photographer

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We thought you might enjoy meeting the newest employee at DailyUV, Aileen Lem. She's full of surprises!

What did you do for work before joining DailyUV?

Most recently I was at Dartmouth supporting some great projects including research for more person-centered health care and work to increase diversity and inclusion related to the faculty experience. Fancy right?

And what is your role here?

Always evolving! So far my role is to support our advertisers and the DailyUV Ad team. I've also been helping with user testing and support, and once I have it all down there are rumors I'll be helping out with many other projects - TBD!

Speaking of rumors, the word around the office is that you took amazing pictures of newborn lambs.


Yeah, we had the opportunity to farm-sit for a friend of ours for a whole month during lambing season!! It was a learning experience for sure. For example, I learned that I probably don't want to have farm animals on a full-time basis. But it was so great to help handle a season and see them all come out healthy and start having their own personalities!

What has surprised you the most about the awesomeness of working at DailyUV?

Virtually nothing; I knew DailyUV was many layers of awesome! But I guess I would have to say it has been surprising (and refreshing) to see how much learning is woven into the culture here, whether it's learning from users and customers, learning from each other, or learning from external sources. Many companies claim to support a culture of learning, but in practice, they don't live up to it. DailyUV does, and I like it. A lot.

What has been the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge so far is figuring out where I can and will be most helpful because I'm interested in so many of the things going on and there are so many things to do! But I think I'll find my way with a little time and some conversations. Everyone has been so nice in answering my questions and including me in discussions, which has made the transition really easy.

Tell us something about yourself your DailyUV co-workers don’t know yet.

So if this were an ice-breaker in a meeting or something, I would normally say that I was a ballet dancer, but most people here know that already, so an even more secret thing is that if I had a parallel-running life I would totally be an eco-ag arborist … and/or a civil rights lawyer librarian ... who codes. Maybe I need a few parallel-running lives.


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