Two suspects in pizza driver robbery now under arrest

Claremont Police now say two women were responsible for the stabbing

CLAREMONT, NH - Two women who police believe ambushed a Dominos pizza deliveryman during the early morning hours on Saturday by luring him to an apartment on Trinity Street with a fake food order before stabbing and robbing him were taken into custody early Saturday evening in Claremont.

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     The unidentified Dominos driver was treated for his injuries at a hospital and released earlier on Saturday morning.

    Late Saturday evening, Claremont Police Chief Mark Chase announced the arrests of Debra Pitts, 31, who'd been publicly identified earlier in the day as a suspect in the robbery, and Jennifer Tozzi, 34, who was found in the same residence as Pitts when Pitts was arrested around 7:30 p.m.

    The chief said it was quickly determined that Tozzi had an arrest warrant outstanding from a previous unrelated incident out of Grafton County and as the investigation unfolded police identified her as the second person allegedly involved in luring and then attacking the pizza deliveryman.

Debra Pitts, 31, was arrested Saturday evening at a residence in Claremont

    Pitts is expected to face a felony armed robbery charge and Tozzi is being charged with conspiracy to commit robbery, also a Class A felony in New Hampshire.

    The chief said the women will remain in custody over the weekend and they are both scheduled to be arraigned on Monday at the Claremont District Court.

Jennifer Tozzi, 34, was found in the residence with Pitts and then developed into a suspect

    "Claremont Police would like to thank all the citizens that assisted with this investigation," Chief Chase wrote in a press update late Saturday evening, adding, "The partnership with the public is crucial in keeping our city safe."

    Debra Pitts was one of the three people convicted in connection with a bizarre attempted robbery at the Walgreens in West Lebanon back in 2013. One of her co-defendants, Stanley Sousa, strapped pieces of an old video game console to his chest and announced to the pharmacists there that he was going to set off the "bomb" if they did not hand over prescription drugs. Instead, the pharmacists called police and Pitts ended up receiving a 2-to-4 year prison sentence as an accomplice. That sentence was entirely suspended and she was placed on four years of probation which has a 2018 expiration date.

    Stanley Sousa, Pitts' co-defendant in the 2013 fake bomb extortion plot, was just arrested earlier this week after Lebanon Police said he and his current girlfriend allegedly set up a small meth lab in the woods next to the Lebanon Airport and "cooked up" a batch of methamphetamine.

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